The Quaterly Journal of the Geological Society of London


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Seite 12 - not less than one third of the annual interest [of the fund] to accompany the Medal, the remaining interest to be given in one or more portions, at the discretion of the Council, for the encouragement of Geology or of any of the allied sciences by which they shall consider Geology to have been most materially advanced, either for travelling expenses or for a memoir or paper published, or in progress, and without reference to the sex or nationality of the author, or the language in which any such...
Seite 72 - On the character of the beds of Clay lying immediately below the Coal-seams of South Wales, and on the occurrence of Coal-boulders in the Pennant Grit of that district,
Seite 182 - Campbell. — MY CIRCULAR NOTES : Extracts from Journals ; Letters sent Home ; Geological and other Notes, written while Travelling Westwards round the World, from July 6th, 1874, to July 6th, 1875. By JF CAMPBELL, Author of "Frost and Fire.
Seite 180 - The Geology of the Carboniferous Limestone, Yoredale Rocks, and Millstone Grit of North Derbyshire and the adjoining parts of Yorkshire.
Seite 98 - We must only admit that we are face to face with a problem, whose solution in all probability must be attempted and, we doubt not, completed by the astronomer.
Seite 179 - List of the Vertebrated Animals now or lately living in the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London, 1872 Ditto.
Seite 433 - Seeley, a second and larger Species of Crocodile from the Cambridge Upper Greensand, contained in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge.
Seite 43 - ... him as follows : — Professor HUXLEY, — It is a source of great satisfaction to me that it should fall to my lot to place in your hands the Wollaston Medal, which has been awarded to you by the Council of this Society in recognition of your distinguished services to geological science. Those services have been so great and are so universally acknowledged that it seems hardly necessary to dilate upon them. For a period of upwards of five-and-twenty years you have been engaged in biological...
Seite 57 - It appeared to them more philosophical to speculate on the possibilities of the past, than patiently to explore the realities of the present ; and having invented theories under the influence of such maxims, they were consistently unwilling to test their validity by the criterion of their accordance with the ordinary operations of nature. On the contrary, the claims of each new hypothesis to credibility appeared enhanced by the great contrast...
Seite 197 - Plattner's Manual of Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis with the Blow-Pipe. From the last German Edition, revised and enlarged. By Prof. TH. RICHTER, of the Royal Saxon Mining Academy. Translated by Prof. HB CORNWALL, Assistant in the Columbia School of Mines, New York.

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