The Works of John Greenleaf Whittier, Band 1

Houghton, Mifflin, 1892

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Seite 159 - Hulks of old sailors run aground, Shook head, and fist, and hat, and cane, And cracked with curses the hoarse refrain: ' Here's Flud Oirson, fur his horrd horrt, Torr'd an' futherr'd an' corr'd in a corrt By the women o
Seite 158 - Old Floyd Ireson, for his hard heart, Tarred and feathered and carried in a cart By the women of Marblehead!
Seite 122 - Through the harsh noises of our day A low, sweet prelude finds its way; Through clouds of doubt, and creeds of fear, A light is breaking, calm and clear. That song of Love, now low and far, Erelong shall swell from star to star! That light, the breaking day, which tips The golden-spired Apocalypse!
Seite 157 - OF all the rides since the birth of time, Told in story or sung in rhyme, — On Apuleius's Golden Ass, Or one-eyed Calendar's horse of brass, Witch astride of a human back, Islam's prophet on Al-Borak, — The strangest ride that ever was sped...
Seite 160 - Said an old wife, mourning her only son: " Cut the rogue's tether and let him run ! " So with soft relentings and rude excuse, Half scorn, half pity, they cut him loose, And gave him a cloak to hide him in, And left him alone with his shame and sin. Poor Floyd Treson, for his hard heart.
Seite 140 - He spoke of the grass and flowers and trees, Of the singing birds and the humming bees ; Then talked of the haying, and wondered whether The cloud in the west would bring foul weather. And Maud forgot her brier-torn gown, And her graceful ankles bare and brown ; And listened, while a pleased surprise Looked from her long-lashed hazel eyes.
Seite 103 - Marvel not, mine ancient friend, Like beginning, like the end:" Quoth the Laird of Ury, "Is the sinful servant more Than his gracious Lord who bore Bonds and stripes in Jewry? "Give me joy that in his name I can bear, with patient frame, All these vain ones offer; While for them he suffereth long, Shall I answer wrong with wrong, Scoffing with the scoffer?
Seite 103 - Comrade mine," said Ury's lord ; " Put it up I pray thee : Passive to His holy will, Trust I in my Master still, Even though He slay me. "Pledges of thy love and faith, Proved on many a field of death, Not by me are needed.
Seite 103 - Cursed him as he passed her. Yet, with calm and stately mien, Up the streets of Aberdeen Came he slowly riding: And, to all he saw and heard, Answering not with bitter word, Turning not for chiding. Came a troop with broadswords swinging, Bits and bridles sharply ringing, Loose and free and froward; Quoth the foremost, "Ride him down! Push him! prick him! through the town Drive the Quaker coward!" But from out the thickening crowd Cried a sudden voice and loud: "Barclay! Ho! a Barclay!
Seite 106 - Nearer came the storm, and nearer, rolling fast and frightful on: Speak, Ximena, speak and tell us, who has lost, and who has won ? "Alas! alas! I know not; friend and foe together fall, O'er the dying rush the living; pray, my sisters, for them all!

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