King Henry V.

C. Praetorius, 1886 - 54 Seiten

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Seite i - And Gentlemen in England, now a bed, Shall thinke themselues accurst they were not here ; And hold their Manhoods cheape, whiles any speakes, That fought with vs vpon Saint Crispines day.
Seite 4 - Tell him, he hath made a match with fuch a Wrangler, That all the Courts of France will be difturb'd With Chaces. And we vnderftand him well, How he comes o're vs with our wilder dayes, Not meafuring what vfe we made of them. We neuer valew'd this poore feate of England, And therefore liuing hence, did giue our felfe To barbarous licenfe : As 'tis euer common, That men are merrieft, when they are from home.
Seite 46 - Duk. With pardon vnto both your mightines. Let it not difpleafe you, if I demaund What rub or bar hath thus far hindred you, To keepe you from the gentle fpeech of peace ? 12 Har. If Duke of Burgondy, you wold haue peace, You muft buy that peace, According as we haue drawne our articles. Fran. We haue but with a curfenary eye, 16 Oreviewd them pleafeth your Grace, To let fome of your Counfell fit with vs, We fhall returne our peremptory anfwere.
Seite 32 - There's not a peece of feather in our Campe; Good argument I hope we fhall not flye, And time hath worne vs into flouendry. But by the...
Seite 41 - Kin. Let me fee thy gloue. Looke you, This is the fellow of it. It was I indeed you promifed to ftrike. And [IV. 8] And thou thou haft giuen me moft bitter words. How canft thou make vs amends ? Flew. Let his necke anfwere it. If there be any marfhals lawe in the worell. 32 Soul. My Liege, all offences come from the heart : Neuer came any from mine to offend your Maieftie.
Seite iii - ... one of levelling, a view more obviously conveyed in the quarto play of Henry V (The Chronicle History of Henry the fift, With his battell fought at Agin Court in France. Together with Auntient Pistoll [1600]), where Henry is less of a hero in the epic and historicist mode, more of a gentle gamester: For when cruelty and lenitie play for a Kingdome, The gentlest gamester is the sooner winner.
Seite 23 - And tell thy King, I do not feeke him now : But could be well content, without impeach, To march on to Callis : for to fay the footh, Though tis no wifdome to confetfe fo much 124 Vnto an enemie of craft and vantage.
Seite 12 - And he cryed three times, God, God, God, Now I to comfort him, bad him not think of God, I hope there was no fuch need. Then he bad me put more cloathes at his feete: 16 And I felt to them, and they were as cold as any ftone .And to his knees, and they were as cold as any ftone. And fo vpward, and vpward, and all was as cold as any ftone. Nim. They fay he cride out on Sack.
Seite 50 - Your maieftie fhall craue. 136 God that difpofeth all, giue you much ioy. Har. Why then faire Katherine, Come giue me thy hand .Our mariage will we prefent folemnife, 140 And end our hatred by a bond of loue.
Seite 12 - Hoft. I, he is in Arthors bofom, if euer any were: He went away as if it were a cryfombd childe, Betweene twelue and one, luft at turning of the tide : His nofe was as fharpe as a pen : For when I faw him fumble with the fheetes, And talk of floures, and fmile vpo his fingers ends I knew there was no way but one. How now fir lohn quoth I?

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