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" The old copies repeat beamt, as the rhyme to the same word in the line next but one preceding it : and the editor of the second folio substituted streams, perhaps, upon some then existing authority which we have no right to dispute ; but it appears more... "
The Works of William Shakespeare: Measure for measure. The comedy of errors ... - Seite 462
von William Shakespeare, John Payne Collier - 1842
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Remarks on Mr. J. P. Collier's and Mr. C. Knight's Editions of Shakespeare

Alexander Dyce - 1844 - 299 Seiten
...glittering streams, I trust to take of truest Thisby sight." " The old [oldest] copies repeat beams, as the rhyme to the same word in the line next but...suggestion to Mr. Knight's ' Pictorial Shakspere.'" COLLIER. The editor of the second folio gave here what Shakespeare undoubtedly wrote. Neither- Mr....
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