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Seite 76 - When in the chronicle of wasted time I see descriptions of the fairest wights, And beauty making beautiful old rhyme, In praise of ladies dead, and lovely knights ; Then, in the blazon of sweet beauty's best, Of hand, of foot, of lip, of eye, of brow, I see their antique pen would have express'd Even such a beauty as you master now.
Seite 107 - The voice which I did more esteem Than music in her sweetest key, Those eyes which unto me did seem More comfortable than the day — Those now by me, as they have been! Shall never more be heard or seen ; But what I once enjoyed in them Shall seem hereafter as a dream.
Seite 165 - Twere now to be most happy ; for, I fear, My soul hath her content so absolute, That not another cpmfort like to this Succeeds in unknown fate.
Seite 85 - Lord, who shall abide in Thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in Thy holy hill? He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, And speaketh the truth in his heart.
Seite 102 - The moving moon went up the sky, And nowhere did abide: Softly she was going up, And a star or two beside...
Seite 102 - Beyond the shadow of the ship, I watched the water-snakes : They moved in tracks of shining white, And when they reared, the elfish light Fell off in hoary flakes.
Seite 165 - Twere now to be most happy; for, I fear, My soul hath her content so absolute That not another comfort like to this Succeeds in unknown fate. DESDEMONA The heavens forbid But that our loves and comforts should increase, Even as our days do grow!
Seite 217 - That day we met there, I and she One with the other all alone; And we were blithe; yet memory Saddens those hours, as when the moon Looks upon daylight.
Seite 121 - Beauty, The keys of this breast, — Too credulous lover Of blest and unblest? Say, when in lapsed ages Thee knew I of old? Or what was the service For which I was sold? When first my eyes saw thee, I found me thy thrall, By magical drawings, Sweet tyrant of all! I drank at thy fountain False waters of thirst; Thou intimate stranger, Thou latest and first! Thy dangerous glances Make women of men; New-born, we are melting Into nature again.
Seite 174 - A lover's eyes will gaze an eagle blind; A lover's ear will hear the lowest sound, When the suspicious head of theft is stopp'd; Love's feeling is more soft, and sensible, Than are the tender horns of cockled snails...

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