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The Board, 1849
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Seite 39 - And the space of time here referred to as comprehending the sickly season, shall be understood to extend from the first day of May to the first day of November.
Seite 258 - How sleep the brave, who sink to rest With all their country's wishes blest?
Seite 422 - In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name and affixed my seal the - day of...
Seite 667 - ... highly prosperous, the revenues are now being collected and disbursed entirely in gold and silver, the present crops promise to be abundant and the people are fully prepared and willing to meet the issue of peace or war, as destiny and the honor safety and welfare of the nation may determine or require I have the honor to remain with the highest respect Your Most Obt Svt Signed ANSON JONES To, ASHBEL SMITH Esq etc. etc. etc. [Inclosed were Woll to Houston, June 19, 1844;°...
Seite 732 - All the grounds occupied by the department hereby created, or under the jurisdiction of the said board of commissioners, not otherwise occupied, and which are capable of cultivation, shall be used for agricultural purposes, and improved in such manner as will yield the greatest revenue to the department ; and the proceeds arising from the sale of articles thus raised, shall be paid monthly into the hands of the board...
Seite 595 - AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act for the establishment and regulation of the Police of the city of New- York,
Seite 731 - ... at such mechanical or other labor as on trial shall be found to suit the capacity of the individual. It shall be the duty of the said superintendent to use every Paupers and proper means to furnish convicts and paupers with suitable emnrict».
Seite 467 - ... thousand dollars, by the creation of a public fund or stock, to be called, " The Water Stock of the City of New- York," which shall bear an interest not exceeding five per cent.
Seite 468 - ... 4. The moneys to be raised by virtue of this act, shall be applied and expended to and for the purpose of purchasing ground, if necessary or expedient, of building an additional reservoir, of laying new mains, and increasing the supply of water in the city.
Seite 469 - An Act for the better regulation of the County and State Prisons of this State, and consolidating and amending the existing laws in relation thereto,

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