Indiana Medical Journal: A Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Band 9

Indiana Medical Journal Publishing Company, 1891

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Seite 224 - The heavens declare the glory of God: And the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day unto day uttereth speech: And night unto night showeth knowledge.
Seite 118 - By John V. Shoemaker, AM, MD, Professor of Materia Medica, Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine, and Clinical Professor of diseases of the skin...
Seite 251 - This work will comprise the best and most practical clinical lectures on medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, dermatology, laryngology, ophthalmology and otology, delivered in the leading medical colleges of the United States, Great Britain and Canada. These lectures have been reported by competent medical stenographers and thoroughly revised by the professors and lecturers themselvea.
Seite 165 - ... gastric and pancreatic juices. Therefore the entire preparation, being practically dry, is composed of nutritive matter, containing about 40 per cent, of soluble peptone and albumose. It represents in actual nutritive value, at least six times its weight of good lean beef. It is perfectly palatable, and will be tolerated with ease by the most delicate stomach. It admits of being administered in a variety of forms, thus avoiding monotony in the food. It is the most nutritious as well as the most...
Seite 127 - I believe that the practitioner will meet with very satisfactory results with the use of peroxide of hydrogen, for the following reasons : 1. This chemical seems to have no injurious effect upon animal cells. 2. It has a very energetic destructive action upon vegetable cells — microbes. 3. It has no toxic properties; five cubic centimetres injected beneath the skin of a guinea-pig do not produce any serious result, and it is also harmless when given by the mouth. As an immediate conclusion resulting...
Seite 119 - Chemical food is a mixture of phosphoric acid and phosphates, the value of which physicians seem to have lost sight of to some extent, in the past few years. The Robinson-Pettet Co., to whose advertisement (on page ii) we refer our readers, have placed upon the market a much improved form of this compound, "Robinson's Phosphoric Elixir.
Seite 166 - Probably no class of people lose more money through carelessly kept accounts and overlooked or neglected bills than physicians. Often detained at the bedside of the sick until late at night, or deprived of even a modicum of rest, it is with great difficulty that he spares the time or puts himself in condition to give the same care to his own financial interests that a merchant, a lawyer, or even a farmer devotes. It is then plainly apparent that a system of bookkeeping and accounts that, without...
Seite 165 - Mosquera's Beef Meal is a perfectly pure predigested meat, containing all the nutritious constituents of good lean beef, half of which are in soluble form, ready for immediate assimilation, and the other half easily digestible by the gastric and pancreatic juices. Therefore the entire preparation, being practically dry, is composed of nutritive matter, containing about forty per cent, of soluble peptone and albumose.
Seite 23 - REGIONAL ANATOMY IN ITS RELATION TO MEDICINE [AND! SURGERY. By GEORGE McCLELLAN, MD, Lecturer on Descriptive and Regional Anatomy at the Pennsylvania School of Anatomy: Professor of Anatomy at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; Member of the Association of American Anatomists, Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy of Surgery, College of Physicians, etc., of Philadelphia.
Seite 120 - Fourthly, anteflexion, per se, is not a pathological condition ; it is so when associated with sterility or with painful menstruation, and only then does it need treatment.

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