The Foreign quarterly review [ed. by J.G. Cochrane]., Band 11

John George Cochrane
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Seite 480 - And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead. Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come : but woe unto him through whom they come ! It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.
Seite 70 - More than fourteen months have now elapsed since the memorandum was given in, and not one of the recommendations which it contains has been fully adopted and carried into execution by the papal government; for even the edicts which have been either prepared or published, and which profess to carry some of these recommendations into effect, differ essentially from the measures recommended in the memorandum.
Seite 225 - A GRAMMAR OF THE ANGLO-SAXON TONGUE. From the Danish of Erasmus Rask, Professor of Literary History in, and Librarian to, the University of Copenhagen, etc. By BENJAMIN THORPE.
Seite 83 - I have many good friends amongst the Italians, who warn me not to eat and drink with their painters ; and indeed many of these are my enemies, and copy my things in the churches and wherever they can get at them, and then revile them, and say they are not after the antique fashion, and therefore not good ; but Sambelliny...
Seite 86 - I was led to table, then did the people all stand up on both sides, as though a great lord were a-leading. There were also among them very excellent persons of men, who all with deep bows demeaned themselves most reverently towards me, and they said that they would do every thing, as far as might be possible, that they should know would be agreeable to me. And as I sat so, there came the council-messenger of my lords of Antwerp, with two attendants, and bestowed on me, from my lords of Antwerp, four...
Seite 484 - He fell into a state nearly resembling that of Tasso in his prison at Ferrara. Yet do I feel, at times, my mind decline, But with a sense of its decay: I see Unwonted lights along my prison shine, And a strange demon who is vexing me With pilfering pranks and petty pains, below The feeling of the healthful and the free ; But much to one who long has suffered so, Sickness of heart and narrowness of place.
Seite 260 - ... children, minors, and semi-fatuous persons of both sexes, or else, what were far better, sweep their novel-fabric into the dust-cart, and betake themselves with such faculty as they have to understand and record what is true, of which surely there is, and will forever be, a whole infinitude unknown to us of infinite importance to us? Poetry, it will more and more come to be understood, is nothing but higher knowledge; and the only genuine Romance (for grown persons), Reality.
Seite 189 - THE SAVIOUR wept, Nor traced his tears the hallowed trees upon Which jealous angels have not all outswept ; Nor. in the garden, watched through nights sublime, Where, while the bloody sweat was undergone, The echo of his sorrows, and our crime, Rung in one listening ear alone. Nor have I bent my forehead on the spot Where hiss ascending footstep pressed the clay, Nor worn with lips devout the rock-hewn grot.
Seite 462 - On the evening of the 7th, king Philip, by a courier of don Diego's, received the tidings of St. Bartholomew's night. Hereupon, contrary to his nature and wont, he has shown as much or more joy than at all the good fortune or success he has ever met with. He assembled his whole court, and said that he now saw your majesty was his good brother. The next day I had an audience of the king, when he (who never uses to laugh) began to laugh, displaying the highest delight and the greatest satisfaction....
Seite 309 - ... inventiveness, real artistic genius, which wants nothing but a hand, they are, with some few exceptions in the German tongue, the only Pictorial Criticisms we know of worth reading.

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