The chemical analysis of iron

Lippincott, 1901 - 309 Seiten

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Seite 282 - Weigh an exact imperial half•pint of the soil in any state of dryness. -When this weight is multiplied by 150 it will give very nearly the weight of a cubic foot of the soil in that state. 2. Chemical Analysis.
Seite 178 - ... and dried sample of manganese ore to be tested are put into the flask, the cork replaced, and the contents again made to boil gently over a gas flame until it is seen that the whole of the black part of the manganese is dissolved. The water in the small flask or beaker is then allowed to recede through the bent tube into the larger flask, more distilled water is added to rinse out the small flask or beaker and bent tube, the cork well rinsed, and the contents of the flask made up to about 8 or...
Seite 155 - ... does not at all interfere with the estimation of the copper by means of the cyanide, provided the lead be not in great excess ; and a slight milkiness of the solution even promotes the visibility of the approaching end of the operation.

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