The American Monthly Microscopical Journal, Bände 9-12

Romyn Hitchcock, Henry Leslie Osborn
C.W. Smiley, 1888

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Seite 111 - Upon the Origin of Alpine and Italian Lakes and upon Glacial Erosion.
Seite 165 - ... a little particle of apparently homogeneous jelly changing itself into a greater variety of forms than the fabled Proteus, laying hold of its food without members, swallowing it without a mouth, digesting it without a stomach, appropriating its nutritious material without absorbent vessels or a circulating system, moving from place to place without muscles, feeling (if it has any power to do so) without nerves...
Seite 186 - Fere, and one of the most eminent representatives of the French School of Psychology, has presented in the above work the most important results of recent investigations into the world of Micro-Organisms. The subject is a branch of comparative psychology little known, as the data of this department of natural science lie scattered for the most part in isolated reports and publications, and no attempt has hitherto been made to collate and present them in a systematized form.
Seite 186 - Romanes, who assigns the first appearance of the various psychical and mental faculties to different stages or periods in the scale of zoological development. To M. Binet there is an aggregate of properties which exclusively pertain to living matter, the existence of which is seen in the lowest forms of life as well as in the highest.
Seite 264 - To make the skin perfectly smooth requires," he says, " not only the removal of the hair, but also a portion of the cuticle, and a close shave means the removal of a layer of skin all around. The blood-vessels thus exposed are not visible to the eye, but under the microscope each little quivering mouth holding a minute blood drop protests against such treatment.
Seite 134 - It will be equipped as fully as the means permit. Microscopes will not be provided, but it is believed that investigators will find most of their indispensable wants satisfied. The fee for an investigator's table will be fifty dollars for the present season.
Seite 133 - That a committee be appointed, of which the chairman of the section, Dr. DAVID WEBSTER, be a member, whose duty it shall be to obtain a good photograph of the late Dr. Cornelius R. Agnew, for the purpose of having engravings suitable for framing made from this. The right of issue and sale of such engravings shall be given to some first-class publisher, if practicable ; if not, the committee shall offer them to the profession at cost.
Seite 211 - Malta, by Marlowe; The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson ; Philaster, by Beaumont and Fletcher ; The Two Noble Kinsmen, by Fletcher and Shakespeare ; and The Duchess of Malfi, by Webster. It thus affords not only the best specimen of the dramatic work of each of the five Elizabethan poets who rank next to Shakespeare, but also a general view of the development of English drama from its rise in Marlowe to its last strong expression in Webster.
Seite 205 - Michigan, and an account of the experiments by Pasteur, Roux, Dujardin-Beaumetz and others relative to sulphurous disinfection ) is before me. You ask me for further opinion, and refer to the report of the Maine State Board of Health for 1889, page 251, and Dr T. Mitchell Prudden's estimate of the want of value of sulphurous disinfection.* There are at least two valid objections to the acceptance of Dr.

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