The Clicking of Cuthbert

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"[...] "Remember," said James, "there will always be a knife and fork for you at our little nest. Grace is not the woman to want me to drop my bachelor friends." "Touching this match," said Peter. "Strict Royal and Ancient rules, of course?" "Certainly." "I mean to say-no offence, old man-but no grounding niblicks in bunkers." "Precisely. And, without hinting at anything personal, the ball shall be considered holed-out only when it is in the hole, not when it stops on the edge." "Undoubtedly. And-you know I don't want to hurt your feelings-missing the ball counts as a stroke, not as a practice-swing." "Exactly. And-you'll forgive me if I mention it-a player whose ball has fallen in the rough, may not pull up all the bushes within a radius of three feet." "In fact, strict rules." "Strict rules." They shook hands without more words. And presently Peter walked out, and James, with a guilty look over his shoulder, took down Sandy MacBean's great work from the bookshelf and began to study the photograph of the short approach-shot showing Mr. MacBean swinging from Point A, through dotted line B-C, to Point D, his head the while remaining rigid at the spot marked with a cross. He felt a little guiltily that he had stolen a march on his friend, and that the contest was as good as over. * * * * * I cannot recall a lovelier summer day than that on which the great[...]".

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