Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, Band 3

Vols. for 1938-61 include as pt. 2 of the December issue the Society's Abstracts, later published separately.

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Seite 201 - I found that every one of them was situated either directly on or near the crown of an anticlinal axis, while wells that had been bored in the synclines on either side furnished little or no gas, but in many cases large quantities of salt water. Further observation showed that the gas wells were confined to a narrow belt, only one-fourth to one mile wide, along the crests of the anticlinal folds.
Seite 200 - In the manufacture of glass, of which there is an immense quantity made- in Pittsburg, I am informed that gas is worth much more than the cost of coal and its handling, because it improves the quality of the product. One firm in Pittsburg is already making plate glass of the largest size, equal to the best imported French glass, and is enabled to do so by this fuel.
Seite 200 - Pittsburg is already making plate glass of the largest size, equal to the best imported French glass, and is enabled to do so by this fuel. In the manufacture of iron, and especially in that of steel, the quality is also improved by the pure new fuel. In our steel rail mills we have not used a pound of coal for more than a year, nor in our iron mills for nearly the same period.
Seite 202 - In Ohio, gas flows of considerable size have been obtained deep down in the Cincinnati limestone, while in West Virginia they have been found in the Pottsville conglomerate; hence natural gas, like oil, has a wide range through the geological column, though it is a significant fact that it is most abundant above the black slates of the Devonian.
Seite 202 - Very fair gas wells may also be obtained for a considerable distance down the slopes from the crests of the anticlinals, provided the dip be sufficiently rapid, and especially if it be irregular or interrupted with slight crumples. And even in regions where there are no well marked...
Seite 505 - Ogdensburgh and Brockville, and at least to Pembroke and Allumette island, in the Ottawa river, about 75 miles above the city of Ottawa. The isthmus of Chiegnecto, connecting Nova Scotia with New Brunswick, was submerged, and the sea extended 50 to 100 miles up the valleys of the chief rivers of Maine and New Brunswick. The uplift...
Seite 270 - A Monograph of the Fossil Corals of the Silurian and Devonian Roc-ks of Kentucky, pt.
Seite 204 - An inspection of the accompanying map will reveal the fact that the main northeast and southwest anticlinals are cut by another set at nearly right angles, which have been termed cross-cut anticlinals. To Mr. Ashburner belongs the credit of first calling the attention of geologists to this feature in the rock...
Seite 203 - The cases that Mr. Ashburner mentions, where large gas wells have been found at the centers of synclines, do not necessarily contradict my conclusions; for no one knows better than he that a subordinate crumple or anticlinal roll often runs along the central line of a syncline. ' ' My excuse for writing the article on natural gas was that I might be of some service in preventing the waste of capital that has been going on within a...
Seite 193 - My working hypothesis was that since the gas pressure is due to a column of water, and since this must be practically the same for any limited area where the rock lies at the same depth below sea level, the oil deposit in this particular rock must extend across the country along the strike of the beds, in a pool comparable to the surface of a lake or a chain of small lakes, if the rock reservoir should not be equally porous everywhere along the strike. Hence, if my theory is true, it would only be...

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