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With equal doom th' unerring law Dispense, who boast their birth to draw From Jesse's favour'd son.

Be peace by each implor'd on thee,
O Salem, while with bended knee
To Jacob's GOD we pray :
How blest, who calls himself thy friend!
Success his labour shall attend,
And safety guard his way.

O may'st thou, free from hostile fear,
Nor the loud voice of Tumult hear,

Nor War's wild wastes deplore: May Plenty nigh thee take her stand, And in thy courts with lavish hand Distribute all her store.

Seat of my friends and brethren, hail! How can my tongue, O Salem, fail

To bless thy lov'd abode ? How cease the zeal that in me glows Thy good to seek, whose walls inclose The mansion of my GOD?

PSALM CXXIII.-J. Bowdler, Jun.

LORD, before Thy throne we bend,
LORD, to Thee our eyes ascend;
Servants to our Master true,
Lo, we yield Thee homage due ;
Children, to our Sire we fly,
ABBA, FATHER, hear our cry!

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To the dust our knees we bow;
We are weak, but mighty Thou;
Sore distress'd, yet suppliant still,
We await Thy holy will:
Bound to earth and rooted here
Till our SAVIOUR GOD appear.

From the heavens, Thy dwelling place, Shed, O shed, Thy pardoning grace, "Turn to save us :-none below

Pause to hear our silent woe;
Pleased or sad, a thoughtless throng,
Still they gaze and pass along.

Leave us not beneath the power
Of temptation's darkest hour;
Swift to seal their captive's doom,
See our foes exulting come:
JESUS, SAVIOUR, yet be nigh,
LORD of Life and Victory!


THAT man enjoys his Maker's smile,
Who humble, just, and good,
Contented sees his daily toil
Procure him daily food.

His wife, like the prolific vine
With luscious grapes o'erspread,

Whose branches o'er his mansion twine,
Shall bless his nuptial bed;

His children, like the olives green,
Shall bloom his board around,
While, at their head, he sits serene,
With bliss paternal crown'd.

His race, a long progressive train,
Through ages shall increase,
And, bless'd by Sion's GOD, remain
Possess'd of Israel's peace,


SUNK in the deep abyss of woe,
To Thee, my GOD! I cry;
O, while my contrite tears o'erflow,
In pity bend Thine eye!

For when Thy justice sternly frowns,
Who may behold and live?
But mercy mild that justice crowns,
And Mercy must forgive.

Thence, with firm faith and holy fear,
All impious doubts withdrawn,
I wait Thy saving grace to share,
As watchmen wait the dawn.

That faith, that fear, through Israel spread, Shall dart a cheerful ray,

Till full redemption, o'er his head,

Diffuse eternal day.



CAPTIVES of Babylon, we sought the vale,

Where broad Euphrates rolls in crystal state, Hung our mute harps upon its poplars pale,

And sat, dear Sion, weeping o'er thy fate! While our proud victors, in opprobrious vein,

Cry'd, "Slaves arise! your silent lyres resume, And swell your voices with that choral strain,

Which echo'd sweet in Sion's ruin'd dome !"

What! to an alien ear, an alien clime,

Shall we repeat JEHOVAH'S hallow'd song? Ah! sooner than profane that lay sublime,

Cleave to its roots each fibre of our tongue; Forget, my hand, each warbling chord to sweep, So prompt thy modulating powers, to own, Or ere my soul neglects her vows to keep,

To sing in Salem's sacred courts alone.

O think, great GOD, on Salem's fatal hour,

When hemm'd around by Edom's impious race! They cried, as they beheld each falling tower,

"Raze, instant raze it, to its central base!"

Blest be that future foe, by justice led,

Who Israel's woes repeats in Edom's fall, Wreaks all her wrongs on Babylon's proud head, And flings her children 'gainst the shatter'd wall.


PSALM CXXXIX.--New Version.

THOU, LORD, by strictest search hast known
My rising up, and lying down ;
My secret thoughts are known to Thee,
Known long before conceiv'd by me.

Thine eye my
bed and path surveys,
My public haunts and private ways;
Thou know'st what 'tis my lips would vent,
My yet unutter'd words' intent.

Surrounded by Thy pow'r I stand,
On every side I find Thy hand.
O skill, for human reach too high!
Too dazzling bright for mortal eye!

O could I so perfidious be,
To think of once deserting Thee:
Where, LORD, Could I Thy influence shun
Or whither from thy presence run ?

If I should try to shun Thy sight
Beneath the sable wings of night;
One glance from Thee, one piercing ray,
Would kindle darkness into day.

Search me, O GOD, my thoughts and heart,
If mischief lurk in any part;

Correct me where I go astray,
And guide me in Thy perfect way.

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