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Page 49 line 4 for round read around
113 5 sighs read sigh

10 cheeks read cheek
125 1 Ideot read Idiot
164 2 Moore read More
170 3 foun read found
172 21, Beattie read Parnell
201 7 removes read remove
254 9
296 29 asie read aside
480 18 glass read gloss
433 13 his read this & when read where
442 5

which read gains
448 23 ike read like
452 15 Geneaolgy read Genealogy

23 breasts read breast

dele me


D. ALL THE GOOD You can, was my excellent father's charge to me his first-born son; and, conscious, as I am, of my hitherto imperfect compliance with this admirable injunction, and of my now weakened powers, the desire to fulfil it still remains, and has produced the present publication. For age and infirmities having nearly confined me to my house, I grew anxious to avoid the danger of becoming totally useless: and, a small collection of poems, moral and divine, having been given me when a boy by one of my school-fellows, (most of which I committed to memory,) it occurred to me, that by republishing these, I might afford to others the pleasure and comfort which I have myself derived from them during the course of my long life. And being informed that a

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