Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History.VOL.XX 1878-1880


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Seite 262 - The Early Types of Insects ; or the Origin and Sequence of Insect Life in Palaeozoic Times. By Samuel H. Scudder.
Seite 265 - Messrs. DW Jones and Charles G. White were elected Associate Members. Mr. ME Wadsworth read an essay on the classification of rocks (to be published by the Museum of Comparative Zoology). The following papers were read by title: Palaeozoic Cockroaches, by SH Scudder (to be printed in the Society's Memoirs), and SOME ADDITIONAL NOTES UPON BIRDS OBSERVED IN NEW ENGLAND, WITH THE NAMES OF FIVE SPECIES NOT INCLUDED IN HIS PREVIOUS LISTS OF NEW ENGLAND BIRDS. BY TM BREWER.
Seite 415 - Society has truly lost a most valuable member, and the community, a good and wise citizen, one of whom it may be truly said : He was always faithful to the duties of every position in which he was placed and ever ready to work where he recognized that his labors would promote the public welfare. The following notice of Dr. Brewer's scientific labors by Mr. JA Allen was also contributed. The death of Dr. Brewer removes another of the older American ornithologists, of whom there now remain two only...
Seite 307 - This mound proved remarkably rich in large flint implements. and also contained well made pottery and a peculiar "gorget" of red stone. The connection of the people who placed the ashes of their dead in the stone chambers, with those who buried their dead in the earth mounds is, of course, yet to be determined.
Seite 370 - On the Evidence of Compression in the Rocks of the Boston Basin ; " 2 and, second, to describe the altered conglomerate in the town of Bellingham in this State.
Seite 495 - Anniversary Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History, published in celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Society's Foundation.
Seite 161 - When there has been no reason to suppose that the trawl has sunk more than one or two inches in the clay, we have had in the bag over a hundred sharks' teeth, and between thirty and forty ear-bones of whales.
Seite 225 - To the northwest is a high mountain, with three little rising hills on the top of it; wherefore it is called the Tramount.
Seite 45 - Europe is that level tract which extends from the shores of the German Ocean to the Ural mountains and the Caspian Sea, and comprehends the Netherlands, Northern Germany, Prussia, Poland, and the greater part of Russia, rising nowhere more than a few hundred feet above the level of the sea. DESERTS...
Seite 287 - ... a yellowish-white streak ; is brittle, and breaks with a subconchoidal fracture. The hardness is 6, and the specific gravity, at 15-5° C., 3'25. Before the blowpipe, it fuses at about 5 to a black enamel. With soda on charcoal, it gives a slight coating of zinc oxide. It is perfectly decomposed by hydrochloric acid, with evolution of hydrogen sulphide and separation of gelatinous silica. 7. SPODUMENE. This species has been identified by Mr. Johnston as being a prominent constituent of a micaless...

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