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Aunt Milly's Childhood. By the Author of "Lea's Playground,” etc. With Illustrations.

Crown 8vo. 35. cloth boards, gilt edges.

Ethel Graham's Victory. By Mrs. H. B. PAULL. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo.

35. 6d, cloth boards, gilt edges.

Sibyl Garth; Or, Who Teacheth like Him? With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. cloth, gilt edges. Karl Krapp's Little Maidens and

their Good Gift. By the Author of "Harry's Perplexity, and What came of It," etc. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 35. cloth, gilt edges.

Penfold: A Story of the Flower Mission, By Ruth LYNN. With Engravings by WHYMPER. 23. cloth boards.

Ermyn, the Child of St. Elvis. By Ruth Lynn, author of "City Sparrows," etc. With Iliustrations,

Crown 8vo. 35. 6d, cloth, gilt edges. The Prism; or, Tales from Three

Unequally Yoked : a Tale of Egyptian Life. Life in a Swiss Châlet ;
or, The good Stepmother. From Darkness to Light: a Tale of Spanish
Life. By Three Members of the Whately Family. With Illustrations.

Imperial 16mo. 55. cloth, gilt edges.
Saved at Sea :

A Lighthouse Story.
By Mrs. O. F. WALTON. With many Engravings. Royal 16mo.

Is. 6d, cloth boards,

Little Faith :
The Child of the Toy Stall.
By Mrs. O. F. WALTON. Illustrated. IS. cloth boards.

Was I Right?
By Mrs. 0. F. Walton, author of "Christie's Old Organ," etc.
With Fine Engravings. Crown 8vo. 38. 6d. cloth boards, gilt edges.

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The Hedger's Right Arm, &other Stories.
Good Tidings for the Anxious.
Shaw's Farm.
The Loss of the Kent East-Indiaman.

By Major-General Sir DUNCAN MACGREGOR.
With Additions by JOHN MACGREGOR

("Rob Roy"). Widow Clarke's Home, and What changed it.

Others in preparation.

Ben Boyce, the Beachman, and other

Nautical Sketches,
My Scarlet Shawl ; or, Out of Debt

out of Danger, and other Stories.
The Pedlar of Copthorne Common. By

The Cornish Fishermen's Watch-night,

and other Stories.
The Oldest Fisherman in the World, and

other Stories.

The Light on the Wall, and other Stories.

By Mrs. PROSSER, author of "The Sale of

Callowfields,” etc.
Waste not, Want not.
Frog Alley, and what came out of it.
The Boundary Tree; or, The Two

The Broken Clothes-line, & other Stories.
A Story of Crossport, and other Tales.

These books are printed in clear type, and are nicely bound in
cloth boards. They form very acceptable presentation books for
working people, and will be found to contain a variety of appropriate
reading for mothers' meetings, etc.

(From the Story of Crossport." “GO AHEAD, LITTLE MISSY, we'll ATTEND TO YE.




FromMy Own Picture-Book
My Own Picture-Book.

My New Toy-Book.
First and Second Series.

Containing “ The Story of a Goat," Eva and Topsy,” “The Children's With a large Engraving on each page. In Large Type. Imperial 8vo. Garden," * The New Pet.". With Twenty-four Coloured Illustrations. 2s. 6d. in cloth boards; 4s. in one handsome Volume, gilt edges.

45. bound in handsome cloth, gilt.


Harrison Weir's Pictures of Animals. With 24 large Coloured Plates from Original Drawings, printed in Oil Colours. ss. cloth boards, with Chromo Medallion

on side.

The Toy Book of Birds

and Beasts. With 24 Coloured Pictures from Drawings by Harrison Weir, Quarto. 45: handsomely bound, gilt edges.

The Toy Book Keep

sake. 24 Coloured Illustrations, Quarto. 55. handsomely


From the Child's Companion Annual."

Child's Companion Annual for 1880.

The Cottager and Artisan for 1880.

A handsome Volume. Full of Pictures.
Coloured Frontispiece. In fancy covers, is. 6d.; cloth boards, 25. ;

extra, gilt edges, 25. 6d.

Good Engravings and clear type. A most appropriate Christmas gift to working people. is. 6d. in coloured cover ; 28. 6d. strongly bound in cloth, gilt edges.


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