Computational Optimization: A Tribute to Olvi Mangasarian, Band 1

Olvi L. Mangasarian, Jong-Shi Pang
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999
Computational Optimization: A Tribute to Olvi Mangasarian serves as an excellent reference, providing insight into some of the most challenging research issues in the field. This collection of papers covers a wide spectrum of computational optimization topics, representing a blend of familiar nonlinear programming topics and such novel paradigms as semidefinite programming and complementarity-constrained nonlinear programs. Many new results are presented in these papers which are bound to inspire further research and generate new avenues for applications. An informal categorization of the papers includes: Algorithmic advances for special classes of constrained optimization problems Analysis of linear and nonlinear programs Algorithmic advances B- stationary points of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints Applications of optimization Some mathematical topics Systems of nonlinear equations.

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