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CHAP. II, 1. “ And Joshua the son of Nun sent"rather,

had sent? – for since the passage of Jordan was to be in three days after the order issued (chap. i, 11) to prepare for the march, and the two spies passed three days in the mountains near Jeri. cho; they must have been sent before that the order to prepare for the march was given. Probably the order was given after their return. See chap. iii, 2.

Verse 7. _“ unto”_ For , read with many MSS. 7y.

-and as soon as”. Omit 90x, with three MSS. one of which is of good authority. See Houbigant, Kennicott, and De Rossi.

Verse 15. _“ upon the town-wall.” The phrase JOU mp seems to want explanation. It probably carries some more definite meaning than that of the town-wall., May it not signify a joint, or angle of the wall, the place where two sides of it meet?

II, I.



CHAP. III. 1 And it came to pass after three days, that they removed from Shittim, and came unto Jordan, Joshua and all the children of Israel, and there they passed the night, before they passed over.

2 And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow Jehovah will perform wonders among you.

3 And Joshua arose early in the morning; and Jehovah said unto Joshua, this day will I begin to magnify thee in the eyes of all Israel, that they may understand that as I was with Moses I will be with thee. :::

4 And thou, command the priests that bear the ark of the covenant, saying, When ye en. ter the brink of the water of Jordan, then stand


still in Jordan. 5 And the officers went through the camp;

6 And they commanded the people, saying, So soon as ye shall see the priests, the Levites, take up the ark of the covenant of Jehovah your God, then ye shall march from your place, and go after it.





that ye may



7 Only there shall be a space between you and it. Ye shall not approach it within the distance of full two thousand cubits, in order ye may know the


which ye must go, for ye have not passed this way

heretofore. 8 And Joshua spake unto the priests, say. ing, Take up the ark of the covenant, and pass over before the people. So they took up the ark of the covenant, and marched before the people.

9 And Joshua said unto the children of Israel, Come hither, and hear the words of

Jehovah your God.
X. . 10 And Joshua said, By this ye

shall know that the living God is among you, and assuredly he will drive out before you the Canaan. ite, and the Hittite, and the Hivite, and the Perizite, and the Amorite, and the Jebusite.

11 Behold the ark of the covenant of the Lord of the whole earth goeth on before you into Jordan.

12 And it shall be, as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests bearing the ark of Jehovah the Lord of all the earth, shall rest in the waters of Jordan, the waters of Jordan





shall be intercepted, the waters that come down from above, and they shall stand up in one heap.

13 And it came to pass, when the people marched from their tents to pass over Jordan, with the priests bearing the ark of the covenant before the people;

14 When they that bare the ark came unto Jordan, and the feet of the priests bearing the ark were dipped in the water upon the brink, (now Jordan is swollen over all his banks all the season of harvest):

15 Then the waters which came down from the upper parts [of the river] stood still ;* they rose up in one heap to a great distance above the city Adam, + which is hard by Zaredan. And those that were going down toward the sea of the plain, the salt sea, ran quite off, being separated (from the upper stream]. So the people crossed over opposite to Jericho.

16 And the priests bearing the ark of the



* The current was stopped.

.is the reading of many MSS מאום +

covenant of Jehovah stood firm upon dry land in the midst of Jordan. And all Israel crossed over upon dry land, until the whole

army had crossed over Jordan. N.B. The 12th verse of this chapter is evidently an interpolation, being indeed nothing more than the 2d verse of the following chapter misplaced. See Houbigant's note on iv. 2.

CHAP. IV, from verse 11 to verse 19 inclusive,

according to Calmet and Houbigant.



11 And it came to pass when all the people were clean passed over, that Jehovah spake unto Joshua, saying,

12 Command the priests that bear the ark of the testimonials, that they come up out of Jordan.

13 Joshua therefore commanded the priests, saying, Come ye up out of Jordan.

14 And it came to pass when the priests that bare the ark of the covenant of Jehovah were come up out of the midst of Jordan, and the soles of the priests' feet were lifted up unto the dry land, that the waters of Jor



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