The British Journal of Homoeopathy, Band 20


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Seite 435 - For if I be an offender, or have committed any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to die : but if there be none of these things whereof these accuse me, no man may deliver me unto them.
Seite 388 - Again, the mathematical postulate that things which are equal to the same are equal to one another, is similar to the form of the syllogism in logic, which unites things agreeing in the middle term.
Seite 503 - That eagle's fate and mine are one, Which, on the shaft that made him die, Espied a feather of his own, Wherewith he wont to soar so high.
Seite 550 - ... we can exercise over the operations of our minds; the power, when a perception is present to our senses or a conception to our intellects, of attending to a part only of that perception or conception, instead of the whole. But we cannot conceive a line without breadth; we can form no mental picture of such a line: all the lines which we have in our minds are lines possessing breadth.
Seite 658 - Replace the patient on the face, raising and supporting the chest well on a folded coat or other article of dress.
Seite 578 - In the metaphysical stage, which is only a modification of the former, but which is important as a transitional stage, the supernatural agents give place to abstract forces, personified abstractions supposed to inhere in the various substances, and capable themselves of engendering phenomena. The highest condition of this stage is when all these forces are brought under one general force, named Nature.
Seite 669 - ... glandular follicles, may be thrown away ; slit up the stomach longitudinally ; wipe it gently with a dry napkin, taking care to remove as little of the clean mucus as possible ; then cut it into small pieces (the smaller the better), and put all into a common wine bottle ; fill up the bottle with good sherry, and let it remain corked for three weeks. At the end of this time it is fit for use. " Dose. — One teaspoonful in a wineglassful of water immediately after meals.
Seite 75 - The face, upper extremities, and trunk of the body exhibited a diffuse scarlet efflorescence, studded with innumerable papillae, very closely resembling the rash of scarlatina...
Seite 70 - There was incessant rambling delirium, great restlessness, a grasping at imaginary objects, and occasional screaming from fright. The character of the delirium varied ; sometimes the child saw objects which frightened him, and the utmost terror was depicted on his countenance, and he clung to his nurse's neck, or threw himself violently in different directions, as if to escape them...
Seite 674 - College shall pretend or profess to cure diseases ' by the deception called Homoeopathy or the practice called ' Mesmerism, or by any other form of quackery.' ' It is also hereby ordained that no fellow or licentiate of the College shall consult with, meet, advise, direct or assist any person engaged in such deceptions or practices, or in any system or practice considered derogatory or dishonorable by physicians or surgeons.

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