Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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This work is unique in my experience of reading about the American Civil War. Instead of a linear history of the period 1861 to 1865, the author has ranked events, battles, people, and even music as ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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I'm reviewing the short story of 'The Valley of the Worm' and not a collection by that name. Howard presents another of his reincarnation tales, this time his main character recalls a previous life ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Seite 31 - That it is the duty of the United States to demand, and the Government of the United States does hereby demand, that the Government of Spain at once relinquish its authority and government in the island of Cuba and withdraw its land and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban...
Seite 14 - STATE OF NEW YORK,) County of New York,) ss. : On this day of , 1910, before me personally came to me known and...
Seite 66 - That before any money shall be expended in the construction or test of any gun, gun carriage, ammunition, or Implements under the supervision of the said Board, the Board shall be satisfied, after due inquiry, that the Government of the United States has a lawful right to use the inventions involved in the...
Seite 65 - February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety-one, and for the necessary traveling expenses of said member when traveling on duty as contemplated in said act; for the payment of the necessary expenses of the board, including a per diem allowance to each officer detailed to serve thereon, when employed on duty away from...
Seite 53 - L., 1895.] [AN ACT Providing for the public printing and binding and the distribution of public documents...
Seite 7 - Dr. Charles Wardell Stiles, Chief of the Division of Zoology, Hygienic Laboratory, United States Public Health and MarineHospital Service, for information on the extent and burden of the hook-worm disease; to Surg.
Seite 7 - I have the honor to present the annual report of the home secretary of the National Academy of Sciences for the year ending April 21, 1915. "The Turquoise,
Seite 9 - In so far as is consistent with the nature of a provisional government established under authority of the United States, this will be a Cuban government conforming, as far as may be, to the constitution of Cuba.
Seite 6 - States as may be designated, and the Academy shall, whenever called upon by any department of the Government, investigate, examine, experiment, and report upon any subject of science or art, the actual expense of such investigations, examinations, experiments, and reports to be paid from appropriations which may be made for the purpose, but the Academy shall receive no compensation whatever for any services to the Government of the United States.
Seite 7 - Industry, p. 302. safeguards the public health in so far as the points contained in Regulation 15 are concerned. If there be any general error in the regulation, this is in favor of the public rather than in favor of the butchers and packers.

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