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Dedication to Sir Joshua Reynolds .


Mr. Boswell's Advertisement


Substance of Mr. Malone's Advertisements to his

corrected Editions




CHAP. I. 1709-1731.-Birth and Infancy of Johnson-

Account of his parents-Anecdotes of his child.

hood-Taken to London to receive the Royal Touch

for Scrofula-School Days at Lichfield–His Uncle

Cornelius Ford, and Cousin the Rev. Dr. Ford

Sent to School at Stourbridge-Translations and

original Compositions while at this place-Return

Home-Arrival at Pembroke College, Oxford-His

Tutor - Latin Translation of Pope's Messiah".

Attack of Hypochondria-Religious Impressions-

Course of Reading-Love of Literature-Apparent

Recklessness-Real state of Mind-Struggles with

Poverty-Leaves the University


CHAP. II. 1731-1736.- Death of Johnson's Father-

Intercourse with Society in Lichfield, Gilbert Wal-
mesley, Dr. Swinfen, &c.-Tribute to Walmesley's
Memory-Becomes Usher at Market Bosworth
School - Removal to Birmingham; Mr. Hector,
Mr. Porter, &c,-Translation of Lobo's Voyage to
Abyssinia-Specimen of Early Style-Return to
Lichfield-Birmingham again–First Letter to Cave,
Proprietor of “Gentleman's Magazine "-Youthful
Amatory Verses- Marriage with Mrs. Porter-Her
Family, and Incidents of the Wedding-Opens a
Private Academy at Edial-Garrick becomes his
Pupil-School unsuccessful-Great part of Tragedy
of Irenc" written

CHAP. III. 1737-1738.-Johnson arrives in London

accompanied by Garrick-Letter relating to them
from Walmesley to the Rev. Mr. Colson-First
Residence and Mode of Life in the Metropolis
Retires to Greenwich-Progress of "Irene"-Pro-
jected Translation of “Father Paul's History of
Council of Trent"-Going back to Lichfield--Origi-
nal MS, of “Irene"-Extracts-Return to London
with Mrs. Johnson-First Contribution to "Gentle-
man's Magazine"-Reports Debates in Parliament
- Publishes Poem of “ London".- Pope admires it-
Remarks and Extracts-Conditional Offer of Mas-
tership of a Country School-Pope's Recommenda-

tion of Johnson to Lord Gower
CHAP. IV. 1738-1743.- Johnson's intended Applica.
tion to Civil Law-Letters to Cave-Writings in
“Gentleman's Magazine": -Separate Publications,
"Marmor Norfolciense," &c.-Note from Pope re-
lating to Johnson-Anecdotes of Johnson by Rey-
nolds and Hogarth-Miscellaneous Writings-De.
bates in Parliament-Encounter with Osborne, the
Bookseller-Letters to Cave on Literary Projects-
Ode on Friendship--Embarrassed Circumstances,
Takes on him a Debt of his Mother.


CHAP. V. 1744-1748.-Johnson publishes the Life of

Savage-Merits of this Biography-Discussion as

to Savage's parentage-Preface to Harleian Miscel.

lany-"Miscellaneous Observations on the Tragedy

of Macbeth"-Garrick, Manager of Drury-lane


Theatre-Johnson's "Prologue" on its Opening-

Plan" of the Dictionary addressed to Lord Ches.

terfield-Residence in Ġough Square-Institution

of the Club in Ivy Lane-Writes Life of Roscom-

mon-Contributions to Dodsley's “Preceptor 35

CHAP. VI. 1749-1750:- Publication of “The Vanity

of Human Wishes"-Tragedy of “Irene". per.

formed at Drury-lane Theatre Commencement of

“The Rambler" - Republished in Edinburgh-

General Estimate of the Merits of the Work-Pro-

logue to Comus," when performed for the benefit

of Milton's Grand-daughter, and Letter in favour

of the undertaking

CHAP. VII. 1751-1754.-Progress of the “Diction.

ary and “Rambler"-Lauder's Forgeries - Ac.

count of Miss Williams-Close of the “Rambler"-

Commencement of Hawkesworth's "Adventurer"

-Death of Mrs. Johnson - Account_of Robert

Levett - Johnson's Friendship with Reynolds

Langton – Beauclerk – Writings in the "Adven-

turer - Extract from Diary - Mrs. Lennox's

“Shakspeare Illustrated"


CHAP. VIII. 1754-1755:- Johnson writes the “Life

of Cave" - Lord Chesterfield's Papers in the

“World” recommending the “ Dictionary" - Let;

ter in answer to his Lordship-Excursion to Oxford

-Receives his Degree of M.A.-Projected “Bib-

liothèque" - Letters, Remarks, &c., relating to

the Dictionary - Garrick's Panegyric Johnson's

Pamphlet on the Longitude-Scheme of Life on



CHAP. IX. 1756-1758.-Johnson's favourable Judg.

ment of Booksellers-Writes in “Universal Visi.

tor" and "Literary Magazine"-Defence of Tea,

against Jonas Hanway-Defence of Admiral Byng

Answer to Soame Jenyns-Issue of Proposals for

Edition of Shakspeare-Declines offer of Prefer.

ment in the Church-Letters to Warton, Langton,

&c.-Burney's Interview with Johnson in Gough.



CHAP. X. 1758-1759.-Johnson commences " The

Idler"-Remarks on the Work-Letters to T. War.

ton and Langton-Death of Johnson's Mother-

Letters to her and Miss Porter - Publication of

“Rasselas"-Various Writings-Excursion to Ox.

ford-Account of Francis Barber, Johnson's Black

Servant-Letter from Smollett to Wilkes-Black-

friars Bridge-Johnson engages in the Controversy

respecting its Erection


CHAP. XI. 1760-1763.-Accession of George III.-

Johnson writes the Address of the Painters on that

Occasion-Various Writings-Projected History of

the War–Murphy's "Poetical Epistle" to Johnson

-Account of their Acquaintance-Letters to Larg.

ton, Baretti, &c.-Grant of Pension by George III.

to Johnson-Visit to Plymouth with Reynolds

Letters to Lord Bute and Baretti - Contribution

to the "Poetical Calendar," a character of Collins

the Poet


CHAP. XII. 1763.-First Interview of Boswell with

Johnson, at the House of Davies, the Bookseller-

Record of Conversation-Boswell's Visit to his


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. 199


Chambers in the Temple-Description of Johnson

-Meeting at “ The Mitre" Tavern-Record of his

Opinions of Gray, Goldsmith, &c.-Advice to Bos.


. 94

CHAP. XIII. 1763.- Account of Goldsmith-John.

son's Relation of their interview, when Goldsmith

was arrested by his Landlady-Boswell sups with

them at the Mitre - Record of Conversation -

Nightly Tea with Miss Williams-Boswell not yet

admitted to this Privilege-Subsequent Interviews

with Johnson, and Record of Conversations on these


CHAP. XIV. 1763-1765:- Johnson accompanics Bos.

well to Harwich, on his intended Foreign Tour-

Fellow Passengers and Conversation on the Road-

Boswell embarks-Writes to Johnson-His Answer,

containing Advice for Study–Visit to the Langton

Family, in Lincolnshire-Institution of the Litc.

rary Club-Miscellaneous Writings-Various Pecu.

liarities of Jolinson-Visit to Cambridge-Diploma

of LL.D. from Trinity College, Dublin-Engage.

ment with Gerard Hamilton-Introduction to the

Thrales-Publication of Edition of Shakspeare . 115

CHAP XV. 1766-1767.-Boswell returns to England

-Voltaire's comparison of Pope and Dryden-

Goldsınith's "Traveller," and " Deserted Village"

Renewal of the Suppers at the Mitre-Johnson's

opinions of Rousseau-Specimens of his familiar

Conversations--Letters to Bennet Langton-John-

son's Criticism on the Latin in Boswell's Thesis-

Boswell's Reply- Publication of Mrs. Anna Wil.

liams's Miscellanics-Johnson advocates the Trans.

lation of the Bible in Gaelic-Cuthbert Shaw-The

Hon. Thomas Hervey

. 125

CHAP. XVI. r767-1768.-Johnson introduced to

George III. at Buckingham House-Visits Lich-

field-Death of Catherine Chambers-Writes Pro.

logue to Goldsmith's “Good-natured Man" -

Boswell's Account of Corsica published-Compari-

son of the Works of Fielding and Richardson-

The Great Douglas Cause--St. Kilda-Johnson's

Views of Conjugal Infidelity-Chastity and the

Choice of a Wife-Baretti's Italy-Johnson visits

Oxford-Returns to London-His Contempt for

Popular Liberty-Dr. Kenrick's Pamphlet - John-

son places Francis Barber at School-Conversa.

tional strictures on Thomson the Poet and Dr.

Mounsey-Origin of the "Bear" epitlet .

. 134

CHAP. XVII. 1769.-Johnson appointed Professor

of Ancient Literature-Boswell at the Stratford
Jubilce-His account of Corsica-Scotch Gardening
- Johnson and Boswell visit Mr. and Mrs. Thrale-

Boswell introduces Johnson to General Paoli-

Goldsunith's Tailor - Mrs. Montagu's Essay on

Shakspeare - Foote-Baretti's Trial - Mrs.' Wil.

liams's Tea Table-Johnson's Views of Romanism

and Conversion to Popcry—The Marriage Service 142

CHAP. XVIII. 1770-1771.-Johnson publishes "The

False Aların"-Letters to the Wartons, &c.-Dr.

Maxwell's Collectanea-Johnson's Political Opinions

-His general mode of Life-Love of Blackletter

Books - Burton's "Anatoiny of Melancholy"-

Jacob Behmen-Dr. Priestley-French Novels,

Þère Boscovitch-Ossian-The Poetical Cobbler-

Marriage-Forpery-The Poor of England-The

Com Laws–Mr. Burke-Fortune Hunters-Irish

Clergy-Johnson publishes "Pamphlet on the Falk.

land Islands"-Mr. Strahan's effort to bring John-

son into Parliament-Boswell's Marriage-Johnson

visits Lichfield and Ashbourne

. 154

CHAP. XIX. 1772.-Dr. Beattie-Boswell returns

to London-Lord Monboddo-Scotch Church
Second Sight-Thirty-nine Articles-Royal Mar.
riage Bill-Foote's Mimicry-Fourth Edition of the
Dictionary prepared-Mr. Peyton-Origin of Lan.
guages-Flogging-Scottish Accent-Ghost Stories

Ranelagh-Hon. Thomas Erskine-GeneralOgle.

thorpe-Goldsmith's Natural History - Johnson's

advice to Authors-His Opinion on a point of Scotch



CHAP. XX. 1773.-New Editions of “The Diction.

ary" and "Shakspeare" published-Gco. Steevens


-Letter to Boswell, who re-visits London-Gold.
smith's Comedy. "She Stoops to Conquer"-"The
Spectator" -Good Friday and Easter Sunday-A
Dinner at Johnson's House--The Stuarts-law
Reports - Signor Martinelli – Allan Ramsay's
"Gentle Shepherd-Charles Townshend-Joho.
son doubts the practicability of Short-Hand Re-
porting-His defence of Dueling-Vanity of Garrick

Savage Life-Suicide-Eustace Budgell - The

Douglas Cause

CHAP. XXI. 1773-Dinner at Beauclerk's-Johnson

criticises Goldsmith's Abilities as a Writer-Bos.
well clected a member of " The Club" - Monu.
ments to Eminent Persons" The Whole Duty of
Man-Johnson's Observations on Punning-Lay
Patronage-South Sca Discoverics-kcasoning of
Brutes-Toleration and Martyrdom-Johnson ai.
cites the anger of Goldsmith--Doctrine of the
Trinity-Reconciliation with "Coldy"-Literary

Property-Ludicrous merriment of Johnson.

CHAP. XXII. 1773.- Johnson sets out on his Tour

to the Hebrides-Artives in Edinburgh, and visits

the Isles by way of Aberdeen and Inverness-

Letters to Boswell-Davies excites Johnson's anger

by publishing his "Miscellancous and Fugitive

Pieces," without permissions-Johnson writes an

account of his "Tour"-Lettersto Gcorge Siccrens,

his Associate in editing Shakspeare's Works

Death of Goldsmith, on whom Johnson comprises a

Greek Epitaph-Visits Wales with Mr. and Mrs.

Thrale - Writes "The Patriot - Mr. Perkins

Honle's Tragedy, "Clconice"

• 197

CHAP. XXIII. 1778 - Johneon writes" Proposals for

publishing the works of Mrs Charlotte Lennox."

and Preface to Baretti's Easy Lessons"-Cor.

respondence with Boswell, and writes Latin In.

scription for his Picture of Mary Queen of Scots-

Questions the authenticity of Ossian's Poems, and

replies to an angry Letter from Macpherson-

Johnson's personal courage-Defeats Foute's in.

tended Mimicry - " Journey to the Western

Islands" published, and Scottish scalousy aroused

- The Ossian Controversy.

CHAP. XXIV.-1775.-Brewell re-risits London--

Johnson „.publishes his Pamphlet: ." Taxation na
Tyranny"-Dr. Towers's " Keply"- Johnson and
Boswell visit Mr. Strahan-lamick's Imitations
Gry's Odes-Johnson receives his Diploma of
LL.D.-Bruce, the Abyssinian Traveller-John.

son's Opinion of Public Speakers-His Contempt

for Collcy Cibber-Convivial Dinners" Lillibur.

Icro"- Patriotism-Advises General Ogiethorpe to

publish his Life

. 211

CHAP. XXV. 1775.-Good Friday-Lord Rute

Value of Knowledge-Fame and Immortality-
Advantages of Reading-Dinner at Air. Cam.
bridge's-Johnson's objections to Female Portrait.
Painters-Isaac Walton's "Livcs"--Gay's "Bog.
gars' Opera"- Richard Brinsicy Sheridan's Mar.
riage- * The Spectator" — Johnson and Boswell
visit Bedlam-An apartment assigned to Boswcil
in Johnson's House -- Sunday Consultations -
Alchymy-Johnson's "Rhinoceros Laugh"-Cor.

respondence with Boswell in Scotland
CHAP. XXVI. 1775.-Johnson accompanies Mr. and

Mrs. Thrale on a Tour to France-Paris-Ecole
Militaire-The Gobelins-Palais Royal-Mrs. Fer.
mor-Pala's Bourbon - Fontainebicau- Versailles
and Trianon-Santerre, the Brewer-The King's
Library-The Sorbonne-St. Cloud-Sèvre-Grand
Chartreuse-Library of St. Germain-Departure

from Paris-Chantilly-Compeigne-Cambray .730

CHAP. XXVII. 1775-1776.- Johnson returns to Lon.

don-Recapitulates to Boswell the chief Incidents

of his Tour-His Impressions of Sociсty in France

- Madame de Bouffiers' Visit to Johnson at his

Chambers in the Temple-Johnson's Definition of

Voltaire- Dr. Burney's Memoranda-His Letters

to Mrs. Montagu-Letters to Boswell on the Law

of Entail-- The Clarendon Press and Booksellers'


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• 314

CHAP. XXVIII. 1776.-Boswell again visits London
-Bolt Court-Law of Entails-Adam Smith's
“Wealth of Nations "-Lawyers and Lawsuits-
Scotch Militia Bill—" Johnsoniana"-Excursion to
Oxford with Boswell-Advice to Hypochondriacs-
Dr. Wetherell-Dr. Adams-Bishop Horne-Mr.
Thomas Warton-Dodsley-Gibbon's “Decline and

Fall"-Blenheim-Johnson expatiates on the Com-

forts obtainable at Inns-Dyer's "Fleece"-Grain.

ger's "Sugar Cane"- Johnson and Boswell arrive

at Birmingham-Legitimation by subsequent Mar-

riage-Quakers-Mr. Hector-Mr. Boulton, of

Soho-Johnson and Boswell visit Lichfield-Dr.

Taylor, of Ashbourne .


CHAP. XXIX. 1776.-Johnson returns to London-

Dr. Butter-Mr. Wedderburne-Mr. Macklin-John-

son's Opinions on Marriage-Death of Dr. James-

Johnson's Remedy for Melancholy_Baretti-

Lobo's “Abyssinia"-Captain Cook-Omai-The

Mitre Tavern-Lord Charles Hay-Public Schools

and Universities-Mr. Maclaurin-Law of Libel-

The Roman Catholic Religion-"The all-knowing"

Mr. Jackson-Anecdote of Mr. Fowke-Jack Ellis,

the Money. Scrivener-Johnson's Ideas of Gaming

„On Conjugal Infidelity – Mr. Macbean - The

Usury Laws–Dr. Cheyne-Cibber's " Lives of the

Poets" - Literary Reviewers-Smollett "The

Spectator"-Dr. Barry-Garrick-Genius of Thom-

son-Dispute between Goldsmith and Dodsley,

Mr. Cradock-Dr. Harwood-Supper at the Crown

and Anchor-Wine-drinking-Johnson visits Bath . 257

CHAP. XXX. 1776.–Boswell visits Bath-Addison

and Eustace Budgell-Dr. Blair-Johnson's Conver-

sation and Opinions on various Subjects-Excur.

sion to Bristol-Chatterton's Forgery-Return to

London-Madame Sevigné-Sharpe's Letters on

Italy-The Infidel-Johnson's Opinions on Luxury

-On Conversation-on the Bible-On the Liberty

of the Pulpit-Meeting between Johnson and the

celebrated John Wilkes-Their after-dinner Con-

versation - Garrick - M'Swiuney--Colley Cibber-

Horace's “ Difficile est propriè communia dicere"-

Elkanah Settle, the "City Poet"-Johnson's Ideas

of Scotland-Mr. Wilkes and the Attorney-General

-Mrs. Knowles, the Quaker Lady-Johnson ex-

presses his Delight with Mr. Wilkes's Company-

The fascinating but infamous Margaret Caroline


CHAP. XXXI. 1776-1777.--Boswell's Departure for

Scotland-Correspondence respecting Dr. Gold.

smith's Epitaph-A literary Round Robin-General

Correspondence between Johnson, Boswell, Sir

Joshua Reynolds, Levett, Steevens, and Sir A.

Hick-Count Manucci- Mr. Paterson-Johnson's

Suasorium-Granger's Biographical Dictionary.-

Mr. Langton-Discordances of the Boswell Family

Dr. Blair's Serions-Prayer for Easter-day-

Steevens-Dr. Memis's Lawsuit-Sir Allan Mac-

lean's Suit-Sir A. Dick's Rural Pursuits-Shaw's

Erse Grammar-Johnson's Remarks on the Erse

Dialect, Johnson's, Engagement to write “Thi

Lives of the English Poets


CHAP. XXXII. 1777:-Dr. Johnson's Agreement to

write “The Lives of the English Poets"-Dilly, the
Bookseller-Charles O'Connor--Bishop Pearce--
Prologue to Kelly's Comedy-Savage's Tragedy of
“Sir Thomas Overbury"- Sheridan - Harris -
Thomson-Anderson-Dr. Dodd-Boswell's Letter
from the Tomb of Melancthon-Seward-De Groot
-Dr. Watts-Dr. Vyse-Sir Allan Maclean's Law-
suit-Johnson's Visit to Ashbourne-Death of llarry

Jackson-Sir Philip Sidney-Lord Hailes-Sale of

Macquarry's Estates, Ulva and Staffa-Projected

Trip to the Raltic-Folly of Melancholy


CHAP. XXXIII. 1777.-Boswell's Arrival at Ash-

bourne-Grief for the Loss of Friends" Journey
to the Western Islands" -Ashbourne School-Poor
Curates-Johnson's zealous Interference and Cor.
respondence on behalf of Dr. Dodd-Petition of the
City of London in his Favour-Dodd's Petition to
the King-Mr. Jenkinson-Mr. Fitzherbert-Dr.
Taylor-Hamilton's Poems—The Rev. Mr. Seward

-Johnson's Opinions of Hume-Gen. Paoli's Senti-
ments on the Fear of Death-Dr. Butter--Duties
of a Biographer-The Stewart Family-Coxeter's
Collections of the Poets-Johnson's Criticisms on

Lyric Poetry
CHAP. XXXIV. 1777.-Keddlestone, the Seat of

Lord Scarsdale-Dr. Manningham-Bennet Lang-
ton-Arrival at Derby-Dr. Butter-Dr. Nichols
Anecdote of Dr. Dodd-Blair's Sermons- Early
Rising and its Difficulties --Sleep - Johnson's
Opinion of Water-drinking - Rutty's “Spiritual
Diary-Autobiographers-Blair's Lectures-John-
son's Style of Writing-"Biographia Britannica"-
Melancholy and Madness- London Society-Bos-
well's Ancestor, Lord Douglas-The Legal Profes-
sion-Ashbourne Church-Intimacy between John,

and Dr. Taylor-Johnson's Conversational

Powers-Mrs. Macaulay-Duke of Devonshire

Burke's Letter on America - Ilam-Differences

among Christians-Mungo Campbell-Johnson and

the Dead Cat-Lord Rochester's Poems-Prior-

Hypochondriac Reading-Hoiner and Virgil-Lord


• 303

CHAP. XXXV. 1777.- Johnson's Remarks on Philo-
logy-Grainger's "Ode on Solitude"-Effects of
Music-Johnson's Opinions on Happiness-Con-
ference in Dr. Taylor's Garden-Slave Trade-
-American Independence-Corruption of the
British Parliament-Boswell's Departure for Scot.
land-Edensor Inn, and ludicrous Character given
of Johnson-Correspondence between Boswell and
Johnson The Negro Cause decided-Mr. Florence
Wilson-Mr.Saunders Welch-Advice to Travellers
- Parnell, the Poet-"Taxation no Tyranny"-
Ruinoured Death of Johnson
CHAP. XXXVI. 1778.-Boswell's Arrival in London

-Mrs. Desmoulins-Johnson's Benevolent Liber.
ality-Mr. Howard, of Lichfield-Tom Davies
Johnson's Advice on Law Pleading-Characteris.
tic Trait of Johnson-Thomas à Kempis--Lord
Trimlestown — Sir Robert Sibbald - Johnson's
Advice on strict Adherence to Truth-His Opinion

Ghosts-John Wesley-Henry Constantine

Jennings and Alcibiades' Dog-Boar of Florence

Emigration - The House of Commons — Place.

hunters-Irish Language-Thicknesse's Travels

Anecdote of Sir Godfrey Kneller-Dr. Kennedy's

Tragedy - On Shooting a Highwayman-Mr.

Dunning-Dr. Campbell

and his Wine-drinking-

Mrs. Montagu - Mr. Harris-Johnson's Opinion
of Wine-drinking-Goldsmith - Charles v.-Ser:

mons-Scotland-Davies-On Absenteeism

CHAP. XXXVII. 1778.-Delany's “Observations on

Swift ”-Horace's 'Villa - Mr. Cambridge -Gold-

smith's “Traveller"-Literature of France-Old

Age-Garagantua - Dr. Kenrick - Dr. Burney-

Potter's Æschyius-On Poetic Translations-Writ-

ings of Sir Wm. Teinple-Elphinston's Translation

of Martial-Hawkins's Siege of Aleppo"-Sir Wm.

Scott-On Subordination-Fame-Proper_Use of

Wealth-Soldiers and Sailors-Charles Fox-De

Foe-Cock-lane Ghost-Johnson's Anger at being

asked frivolous Questions_Travelling-Boswell's

system of Shorthand-Dr. Dodd's. “ Thoughts in

Prison" - Writings of Pennant-Johnson and Dr.

Percy-Correspondence-Johnson's high Opinion of

Dr. Percy

• 329

CHAP. XXXVIII. 1778. - Dinner at Langton's

Chapter concerning Snakes - Soame, Jenyns

Styles of different Painters-Mr. Topham Beau-

clerk - Luxury-On Governments - Maccaronic

Verses-Mr. Orme's admiration of Johnson-Cook.

ery-"The Duke of Berwick's Memoirs "-Liberty

and Restraints of the Sexes-Degrees of Happi.

ness-Soame Jenyns's “Internal Evidence"-Ame-

rica-Edwards on Grace-Free-will-Mandeville-

Vice and Virtue-Hannah More Prosecution of

Murray the Bookseller-On Death and Annihila-

tion-Wesley's Ghost Story-Mrs. Knowles-Jane

Harry, and her Conversion to Quakerism-Good

Friday- Household Mismanagement-Works on

Travels-Fleet Street





CHAP. XXXIX. 1778.-Meeting with Edwards, an old

Fellow Collegian-Practice of the Law-Life of a
Clergyman - Philosophy-Wine-drinking-Leaving
a Fortune to a College - Tom Tyers – Johnson's
opinion of a Profession-The Law-Sir Wm. Scott-
Dr. Leland-Burke Goldsmith and Lord Camden
Garrick-On Surviving Friends, Work on Agricul.
ture-Mr. Duncombe-Psalınanazar-Hon. Daines
Barrington-The Pillory-Johnson's Ire against the
Americans-Extravagance of Wealth-Revelation
-Energy of Johnson's Diction-Demosthenes Tay.
lor-Mrs. Cholmondeley-Definition of a Pamphlet
-A Lady's Verses on Ireland-Goldsmith's Copy:
right - Johnson's "Historia Studiorum"- Edward

. 344
CHAP. XL. 1778. - Mauritius Lowe, the Artist -

Whigs and Tories-Cowards-Wine-drinking-Mrs.
Rudd-Tasso-Thucydides and Homer-Mrs. Bos.
cawen-Conversation respecting Johnson-Pope-
Greece and Rome-State of Ancient Britain-
Mr. Henry-Dr. Robertson-Embassy to the King
of Siam - Allan Ramsay-Johnson's Rudeness to
Boswell-Dr. Blair's Sermion-Addison-East In-
dians-Lord Kaimes's Sketches-Madame Lapou-
chin-Molly Aston-Dining at the Mitrc-On Sen-

sual Intercourse-Imagination-Virtue and Vice-

The Bat

• 350

CHAP. XLI. 1778. - The Earl of Marchinont

Transpire," and "get abroad"-Peers the Judges

of Law-Pope - Divorces-Extravagance-Parson

Ford's Ghost-Hummuins–Virtue and Vice-Lord

Chesterfield's Speeches written by Johnson -

Kaiines's Sketches-Sir George Villiers's Ghost-

Johnson's Condemnation of French Manners-Lord

Charlemont-A Country Life-On Subordination-

Rev. Mr. Hornc-Dr. Mead-General Burgoyne's

Ariny- " Rasselas" and "Candide" - Francis's

Horace-Mr. Fullarton-Lord Chatham-Educa.

tion-Boswell's Departure for Scotland-Correspon.

dence-Thomson's Sister-Visit to Warley Canip-

Mr. Langton-Dr. Burney-Rev. J. Husscy-Sir

Joshua Reynolds's " Discourses"

• 356

CHAP. XLII. 1779.—Publication of Johnson's " Lives
of the Poets"-Death of Garrick-Rev. Mr. Fal.
coner - Philidor-Tasker's Ode-A Man of the

World-Goldsinith's Vicar of Wakefield"-Letters

of Junius - Sheridan- Advantages of London

Good Friday-Easter-day-Skinning an Eel-Claret,

Port, and Brandy-Shakspeare's Witches-Beauty

of Loch Lomond-Dr. Drummond--Love of Li-

berty-Exccution of Hackman-Altercation be-

tween Johnson and Beauclerk-Mallet-Mr. Fitz.

herbert - Friendship - Garrick - Chesterfield --

Johnson's Ideas of Drinking-Dr. Taylor-Parental

Affection-Johnsons Interview with Lord March.

mont-Pope-Parnell's "Hermit"-Boswell's Depar.

ture for Scotland-Correspondence-Boswell's In.

troduction to John Wesley-Death of Edward Dilly. 364

CHAP. XLIII. 1779-1980.- Dr. Johnson's Leisure.

hour Amusements Col. Stuart's Regiment-Selec.
tion of Guardians - East Indies — " Capability
Brown"-London Poor-Johnson's attendance at
Church-Lord Bolingbroke and Pope's "Essay on
Man"-Johnson's various Residences in London-
Conjugal Infidelity-Johnson's. Aversion to Roman
Catholics--Study of Greek-Miss Graham--Middle-
sex Election - House of Commons - Whitcfield-
Infidels-Johnson's Aversion to visiting Ireland-
The Ambassador and "The Ramblers-Boswell
leaves London for Chester-Correspondence-Bos.
well's numerous Visits at Lichfield and Chester-
“Lives of the Poets"-Dr. Lawrence-On the Loss
of a Wire-Death of Beauclerk-Mr. Melmoth-
“Fitz-Osborne's Letters"-Evening at Mr. Vescy's

-Distinguished Coteric

• 372

CHAP. XLIV. 1780. - Johnson's Account of the

Riots in London-Lord George Gordon committed
to the Tower-John Wilkes-Conduct of Mr. Aker-
man, Governor of Newgate - Correspondence-
Boswell's Brother David - Dr. Beattic - Davies's
Memoirs of Garrick-Dr. Dunbar--Advice to Di.
vines-Johnson's Instructions on the Composition


of Serinons-Civilisation of a Parish-Dr. Wheeler

-Boswell's pressing Invitations to Johnson-South-

wark Election - Lady Southwell and Mauritius

Lowe-Mr. Macbcan-Lord Thurlow --Mr. Thrale's

Election Defeat-Mrs. Desmoulins a candidate for

the othce of Matron of Chartreux

• 360

CHAP. XLV., 1980-1781.- Langton's Johnsonlana-

Anecdotes of Johnson, and his Opinions on vanous
Employing the Poor - Lockman - Physical and
Moral Truth-Huggins - Mrs. Clire - Farquhar-
Garrick - Langicy-Spence – Dr. Forster - Mrs.
Lennor-Beauclerk-Lord Elibank- Mr. Dossie-
Toleration - Johnson's Memory - Dr. Part - Ma.
chinery of Pagan Poets - Hospitality - Rev. Dr.
Farmer -- Joshua Barnes - Dodsley's “Cleone"-
Goldsmith's Ignorance - Adam Smith - Burke
Bishop Berkeley-Mr. Vescy-Richardson-Arch.
bishop Secker-Dr. Blagden-Johnson's Religious

Sentiments-Dr. Francklin's Demonax

CHAP. XLVI. 1981. - Johnson's " Lives of the

Poets" completed - John Nichols – The various

Readings in " The Lives - Cowley - Waller

Milton- Dr. Towers' Remarks on the Writings of

Johnson-Dryden-Pope-Bishop Warburton--Dr.

Broome - Lord Somerville - Addison - Parnell -

Blackmore-Ambrose Philips-Congreve-Tickell

Akenside - Lyttelton – Miss Boothby - Herbert

Croft-Young's "Night Thoughts" - Swift - Rev.

Joseph Spence-Attacks on - The Lives of the


. . . 95

CHAP. XLVII. 1781.-Johnson's Correspondence

with Warren Hastings- Mr. Chambers-Mr. Hoole

-Liberty and Necessity - Doctors Marlay, Heath,

and Moss-Picture of a Man, by Shakspeare and

Milton-Registration of Deeds Duty of an M.P.-

Deportment of Bishops-" Merriment of Parsons "

-Rev. Zachariah Mudge-Dr. Hartc-Mahogany

Liquor-On Dancing-Sir P. J. Cierk and Mr. Per.

kinis -- American War-Dudley Long-Talking-

Death of Mr. Thrale - Queen's Arins Club-Mr.

Hoole-Mrs. Lucy Portet-Mr. Berenger - Robin

Hood Society-Apparitions-Dinner at Mrs. Gar.

rick's--Mr. T. Hollis-Printer's Devil-Whigs and

Torics-Death of Mr. W. Strahan

. 104

CHAP. XLVII. 1781.-Johnson dines with Wilkes

and Dr. Beattic-Letter writing-Bet Flint-Oratory

--- Beauclerk's Library-Blue-stocking Clubs-Stil.

lingfect-The Countess of Cork-Johnson's "List

or Subscribers"-" Talking for Victory"-A " cui

bono" Man--" Heroic Epistle to Sir W. Cham.

bers"-Johnson's Commendation of Lord Carlisle's

Poems- Dr. Barnard-" Or Tory and Whig"-Bos.

well's Departure for Scotland_Visit to Welwyn-

Dr. Young-On Original Sin - Rev. Shei L'almer and

the Unitarians-Ancient Egyptians-lealth-Rev.

Mr. Smith-Luton Hoo, Seat of Lord Bute-So.

ciety of Procurators, in Scotland-Mr. Robertson,

of "The Caledonian Mercury"

CHAP. XLIX. 1781-1782.-Marrying a Pretty Wo.

inan-Johnson's Charity to the Poor-Mr. Bewley's

Enthusiasın for Johnson-Sir J. Sinclair-Mr. Héc.

tor-Death of Mr. Levett-Johnson's Satisfaction

at the Dissolution of the Ministry-General Curres.

pondence-Mr. Malone-Johnson's Despondency-

Dr. Lawrence - Johnson's Lamentations for the

Loss of Friends - Mrs. Careless-Passage from

"The Beauties of Johnson"- Evils of Poverty-

Mr. Perkins--Sanitary Rules-Reprinting of "The

Lives of the Poets"

CHAP. L. 1782-1783.–Death of Boswell's Father-

Johnson's Advice-His Correspondence with Bos.
well and his Lady-Poverty an Enemy to Human
Happiness, Mrs. Thrale's Coolness to Johnson-
His Parting Prayer on leaving Streatham-Mr. Met.
calfe-Visit to Cowdray - John Nichols - Wilson's
" Archæological Dictionary "- Dr. Patten - Bos-
well's Arrival in London—The Royal Family-
Conversation-Lies of Vanity-Johnson's Antipathy
to the Scotch-General Ogléthorpe-Opium-Neg:
lect of Merit-Use of Riches-Goldsinith and Lord
Shelburne-Crabbe's "Village"

• 423

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