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FOR PROFIT. We will mand

FARM-POULTRY, the best poultry Magazine, six months for 25 cto.: or for 15 cts. If you will mention this paper. l. S. JOHNSON & CO., Box 2118, Boston, Mass.

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thereat foot remedy for make

ing the feet : MALLER. Instant relief for cold' or perspiring feet. At Drug and Shoe Stores, or sent free on receipt of soc. Sample package only a dime. Illustrated Pamphlet Free The Pedino Co , World Building, N. Y.

WONDERFUL ! Any one can draw Crayon Portraits, Sketches from Nature, etc.

New method. You can learn with my patent outfit. Stamp for Catalogne. Agents make $5 to $10 daily. EUGENE PEARL, Artist, 23 UNION SQUARE, N. Y.

FREE, onr new book, just pnb.
Modern House" Will be mailed
free to any address.

5 Dutch Street, New York City.

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VARNISH lished title, "a interior Finishing & STAINS

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Wo want to give to OTOTY girl or young lady under 18, an elegant 16 yard

black or colored silk dress, for advertising purposes. If you wish one on easy conditions, send your

Dame and address for free particulars Mothers or daughters may take adonntage of this offer. Western Pearl Co, 808 Dearborn St. Chicago.


and other Mounted Heads, Animals, Birds, Fur Rugs, Sioux Relics. Send stamp for Photos and List. J. D. ALLEN, Taxidermist, Mandan, X. D.

THOMAS P. SIMPSON, Washing: ton, D. C. No attorney's fee until Patent obtained. Write for Inventor's Guide.

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of ELECTRICITY. By Edw. Trevert. 50 ILLUS

TRATIONS, 120 PAGES. All about Electric Bells, Batteries, Dynamos, Motors, Railways, Wilding, etc. Postpaid, 25 ceuts. Bubier Pub. Co., LYNN, Mass. FORCE BEARD OR HAIR.

EITHER SEX. ANYBODY. Prof. Dyke'. Elixir has restored the

Prof. Dyke'. Elixir grows the bearinet hair on my head, when 1 u perfectly

beard and hair in 4 weeks. Complete bald, J. T. Biggs, Bryan, Tex., Oct.

remedy, in bottles or metal cases, with 8. John Millard, says. Prof. Dyke's

the finest perfume known for 256, in Elixir hm produced a heary moustache

stamps or silver. Worth four time on my upper lip in 4 weeks. My face

this amount. We mail secure. Addres ww entirely smooth. Thousands more

Smith Mix, Co. Palatine. Ils.

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STAMPS-100 Rare Vari;

ALL GENUINE ! eties China, Nicaragua, Honduras, Old Japan and Egypt, Bosnia, Peru, Orange, Hawaii, fine ord T. 8., Interior, Treasury, P. O., War, etc., with elegant Stamp Album, only 95e.

Tones, Smooths, Softens, Whitens and Strengihens the Skin. After shaving. WELL!!! try it. Price, 250. All Druggists, or THE MAYELL-HOʻP CO., Cleveland,


BOOK-KEEPING AND BUSINESS MANUAL Is easily worth $100 to any person who has or kopes to have anything to do with BOOK-KEEPING or BUSINESS. Thorough knowledge of book keeping guaranteed within 100 hours' home-study of this book.

Extremely valuable to expert accountants and business men for the new points it contains and as a book of reference, 26,125 copies sold. 2,143 testimonials received. Price, $3. Send for circular.

J. H. GOODWIN, Room 35, 1215 Broadway, New York.

100 assorted rare Mexico, Ceylon, Guiana, Turkey, Costa-Rica, etc. only 106. Large new 20 page Price List, etc., FREE! AGENTS WANTED at 33 1-3 per cent com. STANDARD STAMP CO., re

moved to 923-925 Lasalle St., St. Louis, Mo. IMPERIALP-4

P. & P. Stamp with name 10 cts.

Self-Inker 20e.

CLUB or 14 postpaid for $161.
Marks Linen, Cards, Papers, Everything.

New Agents make BIG Money. Terms Free,
THALUAN MFG. CO., No. 177 B2.t. St., Baltimore, Xd.

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"There is no Appeal beyond Cæsar!"

The late world-renowned Dermatologist,



President of the Royal College of Surgeons

who ever gave a public Testimonial, and the following is


“If it be well to wash the skin—and we never heard the proposition questioned—it is well also that we should be familiar with the means by which that purpose may be most efficiently attained.

“We once knew a beautiful woman, with a nice complexion, who had never washed her face with soap all her life through; her means of polishing were, a smear of grease or cold cream; then a wipe, and then a lick with rose water. Of course we did not care to look too closely after such an avowal, but we pitied her, for soap is the food of the skin.

Soap is to the skin what Wine is to the Stomach,

a generous stimulant. It not only removes the dirt, but the layer which carries the dirt; and it promotes the displacement of the old cuticle to make way for the new, to increase the activity of change in the skin. Now turn we to Toilet Soaps and there we find a name engraven on the memory of the oldest inhabitant-PEARS. PEARS' SOAP! an article of the nicest and most careful manufacture, and the most refreshing and agreeable of balms to the skin." le Insist on having Pears' Soap. Substitutes are sometimes rec

ommended by druggists and storekeepers for the sole purpose of making more profit out of you.

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