The Hale Lectures - Church Music in History and Practice Studies in the Praise of God

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Text extracted from opening pages of book: THE HALE CHURCH MUSIC IN HISTORY AND PRACTICE Studies in the Praise of God BY WINFRED DOUGLAS, Mus. Doc. Canon of Denver NEW YORK CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS 1937 TO THE HONOURED AND BELOVED MEMORY OP PETER CHRISTIAN LUTKIN THE FIRST HALE LECTURER, WHOSE ENTIRE LIFE \ VAS HUMBLY DEVOTED TO THE PRAISE OF GOD, THESE PAGES ARE INSCRIBED BY HIS FOLLOWER AND FRIEND Had we but true understanding what duty would be more perpetually incumbent upon us than to hymn the Divine Power, both openly and in secret*, and to tell of all his benefits . ., Ought there not to be some to fulfil this duty., and sing the praise of God on behalf of all merit What else can J do that am old and lame y but sing hymns to God?. Were I a nigfitin gale, I would do the part of a nightingale: were I a swan y I would do as a swan. But I am a reasonable being, and I ought to praise God. This is my work. I do it. I will never desert this post as long as I am permitted to hold it: and I beseesh you to join in this self-same song.** Epictetus in Arrian, Discourses I xvi. FOREWORD A VAST literature has been developed, both in Europe and in America, on the subject of Church Music. During the past cen tury, the entire body of existing Choral Music of the earEer Christian ages has been subject to the processes of comparative analysis. A treasure of musical praise which had long been lost to the world has been restored to practical use, largely through the religious devotion and the technical skill of tike French Benedictine Congregation of St. Pierre, Solesmes, and of the Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society in England. Simi lar care in allied fields of research has provided us with ascientific Liturgiology, and with exhaustive studies in the die velopment of the Christian Hymn. We have at the present

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