Science Record: A Compendium of Scientific Progress and Discovery During the Past Year

Alfred Ely Beach

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Seite 513 - I looked down from the steep granite cliff upon those welcome waters — upon that vast reservoir which nourished Egypt and brought fertility where all was wilderness — upon that great source so long hidden from mankind, that source of bounty and of blessings to millions of human beings; and as one of the greatest objects in nature, I determined to honor it with a great name.
Seite 512 - I hurried to the summit. The glory of our prize burst suddenly upon me ! There, like a sea of quicksilver, lay far beneath the grand expanse of water — a boundless sea horizon on the south and southwest, glittering in the noonday sun ; and on the west, at fifty or sixty miles...
Seite 274 - ... surfacecondenser for a steam-engine increases very rapidly with the quantity of air allowed to be present within it. 4. That by mixing air with the steam before it is used, the condensation at the surface of a cylinder may be greatly diminished, and consequently the efficiency of the engine increased. 5. That the maximum effect, or nearly so, will be obtained when the pressure of the air is...
Seite 401 - Physicist would say that he can " explain " how it is that Electricity is generated by Chemical change ; but he knows that such a relation of cause and effect exists between the two orders of phenomena, that every Chemical change is accompanied by an Electric disturbance ; so that whenever he witnesses Electric disturbance, he looks with assurance for some Chemical change as its Physical Cause. And in precisely the same sense, and in no other, I affirm that the Physiologist must regard some change...
Seite 105 - The drawing or tracing can be made either with leadpencil or Indian ink, and the oil removed from the paper by immersing it in absolute alcohol, thus restoring its original opacity. The alcohol employed in removing the oil is, of course, preserved for diluting the oil used in preparing the next sheet.
Seite 440 - Lastly, the snake's fangs, ants, and pepper are bruised, and thrown into it. It is then placed on a slow fire, and as it boils more of the juice of the wourali is added, according as it may be found necessary, and the scum is taken off with a leaf; it remains on the fire till reduced to a thick syrup of a deep brown color. As soon as it has arrived at this state, a few arrows are poisoned with it to try its strength.
Seite 462 - The eggs are readily fecundated by the artificial method. After they have been in the water a few minutes they adhere to any object which they touch. The development of the embryo can be observed in progress at the end of one hour. On the seventh day they hatch. At first the young fish are Om.007 (about $/
Seite 424 - ... those who, living there, eat freely, or drink milk or alcohol; in cases of suspended animation; for soldiers, who, in time of peace, take too much food...
Seite 405 - Hashish-eater is happy, not like the gourmand or the famished man when satisfying his appetite, or the voluptuary in...
Seite 420 - The plan, as stated in the above case, consists in giving but very little of solid or fluid food or any kind of drink at a time, and to give these things at regular intervals of from ten to twenty or thirty minutes. All sorts of food may be taken in that way, but during the short period when such a trial is made, it is obvious that the fancies of patients are to be laid aside, and that nourishing food, such as roasted or broiled meat, and especially beef and mutton, eggs, well-baked bread, and milk,...

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