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Seite 348 - You must observe if you can, whether the river on which you plant doth spring out of mountains or out of lakes. If it be out of any lake, the passage to the other sea will be more easy, and [it] is like enough, that out of the same lake you shall find some spring which run[s] the contrary way towards the East India Sea...
Seite 352 - These he wore in a woolues skinne at his backe for his quiver, his bow in the one hand and his clubbe in the other, as is described.
Seite 390 - A Survey of the Northern Neck of Virginia, being the Lands belonging to the Rt. Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron Cameron, bounded by & within the Bay of Chesapoyocke and between the Rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack: with the Courses of the Rivers Rappahannock and Potowmack in Virginia, as surveyed according to Order in the Years 1736 & 1737.
Seite 396 - A Map of Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New York, And the Three Delaware Counties: By Lewis Evans. MDCCXLIX.
Seite 357 - Relation." which was entered at Stationer's Hall, London, August 13, 1608, under the following title, which differs from the printed one, as it mentions Nelson's name: "A true relation of such occurrences and accidents of note as have happened in Virginia synce the first planting of that Colonye which is nowe resident in the south parte of Virginia till master Nelson's comminge away from them, etc.
Seite 380 - Virginia and Maryland as it is planted and inhabited this present year 1670 surveyed and exactly drawne by the only labour and endeavour of Augustin Herrman, Bohemiensis.
Seite 333 - ... consequently there is more or less generalization. It is therefore impossible to make any map an accurate, faithful picture of the country it represents. Moreover, the smaller the scale the higher must be the degree of generalization, and the further must the map necessarily depart from the original. Now, it is in this matter of generalization that the judgment of the topographer is most severely tested. He must be able to take a broad as well as a detailed view of the country, he must understand...
Seite 323 - A traverse line consists of a series of direction and distance measurements. Each course, as the direction and the accompanying distance are called, depends upon the one immediately preceding it, and a continuous chain is thus formed. Traverse lines are largely used in the topographic work proper for making minor locations.
Seite 352 - ... in the other, as is described. Of the many little houses represented on the map, ten of them are within the limits of Maryland and represent the principal Indian towns rather than any European settlement, since none of the latter had been made in this area at the time Smith made his explorations. Trees which are scattered over the map are evidently intended to represent in some degree both the size and the character of the forest-growths. There are four different types varying in abundance. off...
Seite 307 - A geometric condition of such figure is that the sums of the logarithmic sines of the angles about the base, taken in one direction, must equal the similar sums taken in the other direction, ie the product of the sines must be equal. In the present case, log.

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