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Seite 156 - ... and no court or ministerial officer in this State shall ever have jurisdiction or authority to enforce any judgment, execution or decree, against the property set apart for such purpose, including such improvements as be made thereon, from time to time, except for taxes, for the purchase!
Seite 203 - ... a liberty of conscience allowed in the worship of God, to all persons inhabiting, or which shall inhabit or be resident within our said province, and that all such persons, except papists, shall have a free exercise of religion; so they be contented with the quiet and peaceable enjoyment of the same, not giving offence or scandal to the government.
Seite 183 - It should therefore be among the first objects of those who wish well to the national prosperity to encourage and support the principles of religion and morality, and early to place the youth under the forming hand of society, that by instruction they may be moulded to the love of virtue and good order.
Seite 105 - He shall prepare, under his own direction, a hand-book describing the geological formation of the various counties of this State, with information as to the general adaptation of the soil of said counties for the various products...
Seite 203 - ... there shall be a liberty of conscience allowed in the worship of God to all Christians (except papists) inhabiting, or which shall inhabit or be resident within our said province or territory.
Seite 214 - ... limestone, salt, and other valuable minerals. These concealed treasures, which should be made tributary to her knowledge and wealth, are worthy of your enlightened consideration, and the provision necessary to a full and scientific examination of them ought not to be longer delayed. I suggest, therefore, the propriety of employing a competent geologist to make a thorough survey of the State, with a view to the ascertainment of its mineral and agricultural resources and the proper location of...
Seite 137 - Edinburgh to 215 tons per acre in Glasgow. An English acre consists of 6,272,640 square inches, and an inch deep of rain on an acre yields 6,272,640 cubic inches of water, which at...
Seite 180 - They were to provide the same facilities for each ; " but the children of the white and colored races shall not be taught together.
Seite 187 - Soon after his entrance upon his new duties, Bishop Gross determined to erect a college within his diocese, and was cordially aided by members of his own denomination and many who were not Catholics. The college building was commenced in the spring of 1874, and was completed during the following October. It was a...
Seite 182 - I conceive, lay a better than by a grant of a sufficient tract of land that may, as in other governments, hereafter, by lease or otherwise, raise a revenue sufficient to support such valuable institutions.

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