The Russians in Bulgaria and Rumelia in 1828 and 1829: During the Campaigns of the Danube, the Sieges of Brailow, Varna, Silistria, Shumla, and the Passage of the Balkan by Marshall Diebitch

J. Murray, 1854 - 476 Seiten

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Seite 264 - According to the testimony of an eye-witness the men's faces wore an expression of sadness and pain. After all that they had suffered in the former campaign they looked upon themselves as martyrs to their religion and their emperor. Nowhere in the Russian quarters were to be seen or heard the jokes that never fail among German soldiers when in tolerable plight.
Seite 248 - Pacha, the second in command, who went over to the enemy with nearly 5000 men. Silistria repulsed the Russian corps that besieged it ; and altogether, at the close of the European campaign, the position of the combatants was such, that in the words of the ablest military critic of the...
Seite 416 - Gulhane are admirably adapted for placing artillery, and in the course of a few days the Turks, animated by the energy and activity of one man, General Sebastiani, mounted upon them several hundred pieces, sufficient effectually to prevent any hostile fleet from anchoring between the two towns, or even from interrupting the communication between them for a moment. In order, therefore, to invest Constantinople completely, it would be necessary to have two armies in Europe, a third in Asia, and a fleet...
Seite 409 - ... fifteen feet deep, with a faced scarp and counterscarp. The great wall extends for 17,000 paces more on the side towards the harbour and the sea, and is defended by 300 large towers in all. Immense fragments of the wall and halves of towers have fallen, and lie on the ground unbroken, but there is no regular breach on the side towards the land. In those parts which have remained standing, the stones and mortar have hardened in the course of fourteen centuries to the consistency of solid rock,...
Seite 500 - Johnson-s days, and will be found especially valuable as correcting the errors into which he has fallen. THE WORKS OF DRYDEN AND SWIFT.
Seite 412 - ... barracks of the bombardiers and artillerymen. It is true that Galata, the old Genoese factory, which once prescribed laws to the falling Byzantine empire, likewise is a kind of citadel. It is surrounded with high walls, behind which the streets descend like staircases so steeply that they cannot even be overlooked from Pera, which stands above it. An immense round tower rises like a giant above this town still devoted to the trade with Europe. But it faces the harbour, and could contribute nothing...

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