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The princes' offerings at the NUMBERS,

dedication of the altar. son of Ammishaddai; prince of the 81 One young bullock, one ram, children of Dan, offered :

one lamb of the first year, for a burnt 67 His offering was one silver char- offering : ger, the weight whereof was an hun 82 One kid of the goats for a sin dred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl offering : of seventy shekels, after the shekel of

83 And for a sacrifice of peace the sanctuary; both of them full of offerings, two oxen, five rams, five he tine flour mingled with oil for a meat goats, five lambs of the first year: offering :

this was the offering of Ahira the son 68 One golden spoon of ten shekels, of Enan. full of incense:

84 This was the dedication of the 69 One young bullock, one ram, altar, in the day when it was anointed, one lamb of the first year, for a burnt by the princes of Israel: twelve charoffering :

gers of silver, twelve silver bowls, 70 One kid of the goats for a sin twelve spoons of gold: offering :

85 Each charger of silver weighing *** 71 Ănd for a sacrifice of peace an hundred and thirty shekels, each offerings, two oxen, five rams, tive he bowl seventy: all the silver vessels goats, five lambs of the first year: weighed two thousand and four hunthis was the offering of Ahiezer the dred shekels, after the shekel of the son of Ammishaddai.

sanctuary: 72 1 On the eleventh day Pagiel 86 The golden spoons were twelve, the son of Ocran, prince of the chil- full of incense, weighing ten shekels adren of Asher, offered :

piece, after the shekel of the sanctu73 His offering was one silver char- ary: all the gold of the spoons was an ger, the weight whereof was an hun hundred and twenty shekels. dred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl 87 All the oxen for the burnt offerof seventy shekels, after the shekel of ing were twelve bullocks, the rams the sanctuary; both of them full of twelve, the lambs of the first year fine flour mingled with oil for a meat twelve, with their meat offering: and offering:

the kids of the goats for sin offering 74 One golden spoon of ten shekels, twelve. full of incense:

88 And all the oxen for the sacrifice 75 One young bullock, one ram, of the peace offerings were twenty and one lanıb of the first year, for a burnt four bullocks, the rams sixty, the he offering:

goats sixty, the lambs of the first year 76 One kid of the goats for a sin sixty. This was the dedication of the offering:

altar, after that it was anointed. 77 And for a sacrifice of peace offer 89 And when Moses was gone into ings, two oxen, five rams, five he goats, the tabernacle of the congregation to five lambs of the first year : this was speak with him, then he heard the the offering of Pagiel the son of Ocran. voice of one speaking unto him from

78 1 On the twelfth day Ahira the off the mercy seat that was upon the son of Enan, prince of the children of ark of testimony, from between the Naphtali, offered:

two cherubims : and he spake unto 79 His offering was one silver char-him. ger, the weight whereof was an hun

CHAP. VIII. dred and thirty shekels, one silver bowl

1 How the lamps are to be lighted. 5 The conof seventy shekels, after the shekel of

secration of the Levites. 23 The age and time the sanctuary; both of them full of of their service. fine flour mingled with oil for a meat And the LORD spake unto Moses, offering :

saying, 80 One golden spoon of ten shekels, 2 Speak unto Aaron, and say unto full of incense:

him, When thou lightest the lamps,

The consecration

of the Levites. the seven lamps shall give light over nacle of the congregation: and thou against the candlestick.


cleanse them, and offer them for 3 And Aaron did so; he lighted the an offering. lamps thereof over against the candle 16 For they are wholly given unto stick, as the Lordcommanded Moses. me from among the children of Is

4 And this work of the candlestick rael; instead of such as open every eas of beaten gold, unto the shaft womb, even instead of the firstborn of thereof, unto the flowers thereof, was all the children of Israel, have I taken beaten work: according unto the pat- them unto me. tern which the LORD had shewed Mo 17 For all the firstborn of the chilses, so he made the candlestick. dren of Israel are mine, both man and

5 And the LORD spake unto beast: on the day that I smote every Moses, saying,

firstborn in the land of Egypt I sanc6 Take the Levites from among the tified them for myself. children of Israel, and cleanse them. 18 And I have taken the Levites

7 And thus shalt thou do unto them, for all the firstborn of the children to cleanse them : Sprinkle water of of Israel. purifying upon them, and let them 19 And I have given the Levites as shave all their fesh, and let them a gift to Aaron and to his sons from wash their clothes, and so make them- among the children of Israel, to do the selves clean.

service of the children of Israel in the 8 Then let them take a young bul tabernacle of the congregation, and to lock with his meat offering, even fine make an atonement for the children of flour mingled with oil, and another Israel: that there be no plague among young bullock shalt thou take for a the children of Israel, when the chilsin offering

dren of Israel come nigh unto the 9 And thou shalt bring the Levites sanctuary. before the tabernacle of the congre

20 And Moses, and Aaron, and all gation: and thou shalt gather the the congregation of the children of whole assembly of the children of Israel, did to the Levites according Israel together :

unto all that the LORD commanded 10 And thou shalt bring the Levites Moses concerning the Levites, so did before the LORD: and the children the children of Israel unto them. of Israel shall put their hands upon 21 And the Levites were purified, the Levites:

and they washed their clothes; and 11 And Aaron shall offer the Levites Aaron offered them as an offering bebefore the LORD for an offering of the fore the LORD; and Aaron made an children of Israel, that they may exe atonement for them to cleanse them. cute the service of the Lord.

22 And after that went the Levites 12 And the Levites shall lay their in to do their service in the tabernacle hands upon the heads of the bullocks: of the congregation before Aaron, and and thou shalt offer the one for a sin before his sons: as the Lord had offering, and the other for a burnt commanded Moses concerning the offering, unto the LORD, to make an Levites, so did they unto them. atonement for the Levites.

23 And the LORD spake unto 13 And thou shalt set the Levites be- Moses, saying, fore Aaron, and before his sons, and 24 This is it that belongeth unto the offer them for an offering unto the Levites: from twenty and five years LORD.

old and upward they shall go in to 14 Thus shalt thou separate the Le-wait upon the service of the tabervites from among the children of Is-nacle of the congregation: rael: and the Levites shall be mine. 25 And from the

25 And from the age of fifty years 15 And after that shall the Levites they shall cease waiting upon the sergo in to do the service of the taber-vice thereof, and shall serve no more:

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The passover injoined.


Of the cloud and fire. 26 But shall minister with their bre- 1 month at even they shall keep it, and thren in the tabernacle of the congre- eat it with unleavened bread and bitgation, to keep the charge, and shall do ter herbs. no service. Thus shalt thou do unto 12 They shall leave none of it unto the Levites touching their charge. the morning, nor break any bone of it:

according to all the ordinances of the CHAP. IX. 1 The passover is commanded again. 6 A se.

passover they shall keep it. cond passorer allowed for them that were un

13 But the man that is clean, and is clean or absent. 15 The cloud guideth the re not in a journey, and forbeareth to movings and encampings of the Israelites.

keep the passover, even the same soul And the Lord spake unto Moses shall be cut off from among his

peoin the wilderness of Sinai, in the first ple: because he brought not the offermonth of the second year after they ing of the Lord in his appointed seawere come out of the land of Egypt, son, that man shall bear his sin. saying,

14 And if a stranger shall sojourn :3 2 Let the children of Israel also keep among you, and will keep the passthe passover at his appointed season. over unto the LORD; according to

3 In the fourteenth day of this month, the ordinance of the passover, and acat even, ye shall keep it in his appoint-cording to the manner thereof, so

V ed season : according to all the rites shall he do: ye shall have one ordiof it, and according to all the cere- nance, both for the stranger, and for monies thereof, shall ye keep it. him that was born in the land.

4 And Moses spake unto the chil 15 | And on the day that the taberdren of Israel, that they should keep nacle was reared up the cloud coverthe passover.

ed the tabernacle, namely, the tent of 5 And they kept the passover on the the testimony: and at even there was fourteenth day of the first month at upon the tabernacle as it were the apeven in the wilderness of Sinai: ac pearance of fire, until the morning. cording to all that the LORD command 16 So it was alway: the cloud coed Moses, so did the children of Israel. vered it by day, and the appearance

6 | And there were certain men, of fire by night. who were defiled by the dead body of 17 And when the cloud was taken a man, and they could not keep the up from the tabernacle, then after passover on that day: and they came that the children of Israel journeyed : before Moses and before Aaron on and in the place where the cloud that day :

abode, there the children of Israel 7 And those men said unto him, We pitched their tents. are defiled by the dead body of a man: 18 At the commandment of the wherefore are we kept back, that we LORD the children of Israel journeymay not offer an offering of the LORD ed, and at the commandment of the in his appointed season among the Lord they pitched: as long as the children of Israel?

cloud abode upon the tabernacle they 8 And Moses said unto them, Stand rested in their tents. still, and I will hear what the LORD 19 And when the cloud tarried long will command concerning you.

upon the tabernacle many days, then 9 9 And the LORD spake unto Mo- the children of Israel kept the charge ses, saying,

of the LORD, and journeyed not. 10 Speak unto the children of Israel, 20 And so it was, when the cloud saying, If any man of

you or of your was a few days upon the tabernacle; posterity shall be unclean by reason of according to the commandment of the a dead body, or be in a journey afar LORD they abode in their tents, and off, yet he shall keep the passover according to the commandment of unto the Lord.

the Lord they journeyed. 11 The fourteenth day of the second 21 And so it was, when the cloud

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Use of the silver trumpets. CHAP. X.

The Israelites' march. abode from even unto the morning, against the enemy that oppresseth you, and that the cloud was taken up in the then ye shall blow an alarm with the morning, then they journeyed: whe- trumpets; and ye shall be rememberther it was by day or by night that the ed before the LORD your God, and ye cloud was taken up, they journeyed. shall be saved from your enemies.

22 Or whether it were two days, or 10 Also in the day of your gladness, à month, or a year, that the cloud and in your solemn days, and in the tarried upon the tabernacle, remain- beginnings of your months, ye shall ing thereon, the children of Israel blow with the trumpets over your abode in their tents, and journeyed burnt offerings, and over the sacrifinot: but when it was taken up, they ces of your peace offerings; that they journeyed.

may be to you for a memorial before 23 At the commandment of the your God: I am the LORD your God. LORD they rested in the tents, and at 11 And it came to pass on the the commandment of the LORD they twentieth day of the second month, journeyed: they kept the charge of the in the second year, that the cloud LORD, at the commandment of the was taken up from off the tabernacle LORD by the hand of Moses. of the testimony CHAP. X.

12 And the childrent of Israel took 1 The use of the silver trumpets. 11 The Israel. their journeys out of the wilderness itu remove from Sinai to Paran. 14 The order of Sinai; and the cloud rested in the not to leare them. 33. The hlessing of Moses wilderness of Paran. at the removing and resting of the ark. 13 And they first took their journey And the Lord spake unto Moses, according to the commandment of the saying,

LORD by the hand of Moses. 2 Make thee two trumpets of silver; 14 | In the first place went the of a whole piece shalt thou make them: standard of the camp of the children that thou mayest use them for the call of Judah according to their armies : ing of the assembly, and for the jour- and over his host was Nabshon the neying of the camps.

son of Amminadab. 3 And when they shall blow with 15 And over the host of the tribe of them, all the assembly shall assemble the children of Issachar was Nethathemselves to thee at the door of the neel the son of Zuar. tabernacle of the congregation.

16 And over the host of the tribe of 4 And if they blow but with one the children of Zebulun was Eliab the trumpet, then the princes, which are son of Helon. heads of the thousands of Israel, shall 17 And the tabernacle was taken gather themselves unto thee.

down; and the sons of Gershon and 5 When

ye blow an alarm, then the the sons of Merari set forward, bear. camps that lie on the east parts shalling the tabernacle. go forward.

18 | And the standard of the

camp 6 When ye blow an alarm the se- of Reuben set forward according to cond time, then the camps that lie on their armies: and over his host was the south side shall take their jour- | Elizur the son of Shedeur. ney: they shall blow an alarm for

19 And over the host of the tribe of their journeys.

the children of Simeon was Shelumiel 7 But when the congregation is to the son of Zurishaddai. be gathered together, ye shall blow, 20 And over the host of the tribe but ye shall not sound an alarm. of the children of Gad was Eliasaph

8 And the sons of Aaron, the priests, the son of Deuel. shall blow with the trumpets; and they 21 And the Kohathites set forward, shall be to you for an ordinance for bearing the sanctuary: and the other ever throughout your generations. did set up the tabernacle against they 9 And if ye go to war in your

land came.


The Israelites' march.

NUMBERS, The people lust for flesh. 22 | And the standard of the camp 35 And it came to pass, when the of the children of Ephraim set for ark set forward, that Moses said, Rise ward according to their armies: and up, Lord, and let thine enemies be over his host was Elishama the son of scattered; and let them that hate thee Ammihud.

flee before thee. 23 And over the host of the tribe of S6 And when it rested, he said, Rethe children of Manasseh wus Ga- turn, O Lord, unto the many thoumaliel the son of Pedahzur.

sands of Israel. 24 And over the host of the tribe of

CHAP. XI. the children of Benjamin was Abidan 1 The burning ut Tuberah quenched by Moses' the son of Gideoni.

prayer. 4 The people lust for flesh, and louthe 25 | And the standard of the camp

10 Moses complaineth of his charge.

16 God dirideth his burden unto seventy el of the children of Dan set forward, ders. 31 Quails are given in wruth at Kibwhich was the rereward of all the

roth-hattaarah. camps throughout their hosts: and And when the people complained, it over his host was Ahiezer the son of displeased the Lord: and the LORD Ammishaddai.

heard it; and his anger was kindled; 26 And over the host of the tribe of and the fire of the Lord burnt among the children of Asher was Pagiel the them, and consumed them that were in son of Ocran.

the uttermost parts of the camp. 27 And over the host of the tribe of

2 And the people cried unto Mothe children of Naphtali was Ahira ses; and when Moses prayed unto the the son of Enan.

Lord, the fire was quenched. 28 Thus were the journeyings of the 3 And he called the name of the children of Israel according to their place Taberah: because the fire of armies, when they set forward. the Lord burnt among them.

29 And Moses said unto Hobab, 4 | And the mixt multitude that the son of Raguel the Midianite, Mo-was among them fell a lusting: and the ses’ father in law, We are journeying children of Israel also wept again, and unto the place of which the LORD said, Who shall give us flesh to eat? said, I will give it you: come thou We remember the fish, which we with us, and we will do thee good: did eat in Egypt freely; the cucumfor the LORD hath spoken good con- bers, and the melons, and the leeks, cerning Israel.

and the onions, and the garlick: 30 And he said unto him, I will not 6 But now our soul is dried away: go; but I will depart to mine own there is nothing at all, beside this manand to


na, before our eyes. 31 And he said, Leave us not, I pray 7 And the manna was as coriander thee; forasmuch as thou knowest how seed, and the colour thereof as the we are to encamp in the wilderness, and colour of bdellium. thou mayest be to us instead of

eyes. 8 And the people went about, and 32 And it shall be, if thou go with gathered it, and ground it in mills, or us, yea, it shall be, that what good-beat it in a mortar, and baked it in pans, ness the Lord shall do unto us, the and made cakes of it: and the taste of same will we do unto thee.

it was as the taste of fresh oil. 33 And they departed from the 9 And when the dew fell


the mount of the LORD three days' jour-camp in the night, the manna fell ney: and the ark of the covenant of upon

it. the LORD went before them in the 10 Then Moses heard the people three days' journey, to search out a weep throughout their families, every resting place for them.

man in the door of his tent: and the 34 And the cloud of the Lord was anger of the Lord was kindled greatupon them by day, when they went ly; Moses also was displeased. out of the camp.

11 And Moses said unto the LORD,


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