Glenlonely, or, The demon fiend [by W.M. De Merle].


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Seite 5 - Now stir the fire, and close the shutters fast, Let fall the curtains, wheel the sofa round, And while the bubbling and loud hissing urn Throws up a steamy column, and the cups That cheer but not inebriate, wait on each, So let us welcome peaceful evening in.
Seite 118 - A PARISH priest was of the pilgrim train ; An awful, reverend, and religious man, His eyes diffused a venerable grace, And charity itself was in his face.
Seite 288 - Revenge is but a frailty, incident To crazed and sickly minds ; the poor content Of little souls, unable to surmount An injury, too weak to bear affront.
Seite 51 - The impetuous flames with lawless power advance, On ruddy wings the bright destruction flies, Followed with ruin and amazing cries : The flaky plague spreads swiftly with the wind, And ghostly desolation howls behind." Blackmorc. " Sir, — Another year has departed ! One thousand eight hundred and forty — with all its hopes and fears — is gone "with the dust of dead ages to mix.
Seite 197 - Houries wear, And dimpled by a smile, whose spell Not even sighs could quite dispel; And eyes of that dark azure light Seen only at the deep midnight ; A cheek, whose crimson hues...
Seite 156 - Old age would have found her solitary and unprovided ; now she has taken the wings of the dove, to flee away and be at rest.
Seite 197 - Catch it who can" is the wise axiom : to invoke it for ourselves, our friends and company, is as idle as the chorus of the old song, " Let us all be unhappy together.
Seite 81 - Shelley's anguish and excitement bordered on the sublime. Conscious of his own superiority — of being the reverse of what the many deemed him — stung by the injustice of imputed madness, by the cruelty, if he were mad, of taunting the afflicted, his rage became boundless. Like Tasso's jailer, his heartless tyrants all but raised up the demon which they said was in him. I have seen him surrounded, hooted, baited like a maddened bull, — and at this distance of time I seem to hear ringing in my...
Seite 116 - A child has just claims to the affection of its parent ; but she had none on him, who had been to her more than a father. His love was the free-will offering to the homeless orphan ; and her gratitude sprang from feelings stronger than the sense of duty, warmer than those of a daughter, who is bound to repay that which she has a right to demand.
Seite 81 - Singly they dared not insult him, — for " there was a method in his madness " which taught repentance: but the herd unite against the stricken, — and boys, like men, envy the strongest and trample on the weak.

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