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Charles Lamb. 53

High Tide at Gettysburg, The.

Will H. Thompson. 158

How Good are the Poor...

Victor Hugo. 60

How sleep the Brave!..

William Collins. 286

Hunting Song..

Walter Scott. 282

Hymn. ...

Emily Bronté. 12

Hymn before Sunrise in the Vale of Chamounix...

Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 119

Hymn on the Nativity .....

John Milton. 340

If 'twere done when 'tis done.

William Shakespeare. 95

Impeachment of Warren Hastings, The.

Edmund Burke. 205

Inaugural Address....

Thomas Jefferson. 191

Inaugural Address.

George Washington. 332

Indian, The...

... Edward Everett. 197

Influence of Athens, The...

Thomas Babington Macaulay. 67

Intimations of Immortality.

William Wordsworth. 20

Invincible Armada, The.

. Friedrich Schiller. 228

Irrepressible Conflict, The.

William H. Seward. 164

Is this a Dagger ? ...

William Shakespeare. 94

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud .

William Wordsworth. 34


Charles Sumner. 184


.John Hay. 55

King's Diary, The

.John W. Chadwick. 244

Knight, The ..

Geoffrey Chaucer. 103

Kubla Khan..

Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 76

Lady, The.

.John Ruskin. 44


.John Milton. 83


. Richard Hooker. 90

Letter to Lord Chesterfield..

Samuel Johnson. 79

Letting in Light....

Oliver Wendell Holmes. 304

Liberal Education, A..

Thomas H. Huxley. 32

Liberty and Union...

.. Daniel Webster. 189

Liberty in Government.

..John Stuart Mill. 178

Life and Death.

... Omar Khayyam.



Winthrop Mackworth Praed. 284

Lines on a Picture of Leonardo da Vinci, called the Virgin of the


... Charles Lamb. 128

Lost Leader, The

. Robert Browning. 207


William Wordsworth. 54

Magnanimity in Politics.

Edmund Burke. 200

Marie Antoinette

Edmund Burke. 244

Melrose by Moonlight..

Walter Scott. 124

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Thomas Fuller. 90

Minstrel, The.

Edna Dean Proctor. 281

Mistletoe Bough, The.

Thomas Haynes Bayly. 354

Morning in London..

William Wordsworth. 116

Mrs. Malaprop's Idea of Education. .Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 320

My Captain...

Walt Whitman. 163

My True Love hath my Heart

Sir Philip Sidney. 296

Napoleon's Final Return..

.Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 248

National Injustice...

Theodore Parker. 180

Nations and Humanity..

George William Curtis. 151

New Guides to Faith and Belief, The..

. Anonymous. 314

New Prince, New Pomp

. Robert Southwell. 352

New Year's Dream, A

.Jean Paul Richter. 326

New Year's Eve..

Algernon Charles Swinburne. 325

Nobly Born, The..



Obermann once more

Matthew Arnold. 65

Ocean, The......

..Lord Byron. 146

Ode on decorating the Graves of the Confederate Dead. Henry Timrod. 165

Ode to a Grecian Urn...

.John Keats. 129

Old Bridge at Florence, The.

Ilenry Wadsworth Longfellow. 124

On his Blindness

.John Milton. 89

On his Friends ....

.Meskin Aldaramy. 78

On the American Revolution..

.Earl of Chatham. 202

On the Civil War in America

..John Bright. 171

On the Funeral of Charles First, at Night, in St. George's Chapel,


William L. Bowles. 217

On the Picture of the Last Supper at Milan. William W. Story. 125

Oration on the Crown ..

.Demosthenes. 264

0, yet we trust...

. Alfred Tennyson. 27

Ozymandias of Egypt.

.Percy Bysshe Shelley. 134


.Robert Browning. 267

Pilgrim, The..

.Walter Raleigh. 97

Plato's Apology for Socrates.

. Plato. 105

Poets Song, The.

Alfred Tennyson. 281

Portia to Shylock..

William Shakespeare.



.John Ruskin. 29


.Jeremy Taylor. 68

Present and Future Faiths.

Phillips Brooks. 58


.John Ruskin. 42

Proclamation to the Army of Italy

Napoleon Bonaparte. 245

Revenge, The .

Alfred Tennyson. 220


. Lord Byron. 113



Thomas Hood. 64

Saint Symphorien

Rose Terry Cooke. 45

Saint Brandan.

. Matthew Arnold. 47

San Miniato..

John Sterling. 118

...John Milton. 92
Second Inaugural Address.

. Abraham Lincoln. 155

.John Sterling.

Sir Lancelot..

Sir Thomas Mallory. 101

.James Russell Lowell. 177

..Miguel de Cervantes. 306

William Makepeace Thackeray. 313

Sonnet on first looking into Chapman's Homer. .John Keats. 50

Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua....

.Elijah Kellogg. 258

Speech to the Army at Tilbury..

Queen Elizabeth. 232

St. Agnes's Eve..

Alfred Tennyson. 327

Stirrup Cup, The ..

Sidney Lanier. 35

Strafford's Defence against the Charge of High Treason.


Studies ....

.Francis Bacon. 100

Supposed Speech of John Adams on the Declaration of Independence.

Daniel Webster. 193

Sweet and Twenty.

William Shakespeare. 296

Sweet is the Rose

Edmund Spenser. 102

Tears, Idle Tears..

..Alfred Tennyson. 287

Thanatopsis ....

William Cullen Bryant. 17

Thanksgiving Day.

Henry Ward Beecher. 338

Thanksgiving to God, A.

. Robert Herrick. 336

Three Liberties, The.

.John Pym. 219

To a Mummy.

. Horace Smith. 310

To a Skylark.

Percy Bysshe Shelley. 135

To a Swallow building under the eaves at Craigenputtock..

Jane Welsh Carlyle. 141

To be or not to be.

William Shakespeare. 98

To Cynthia....

Ben Jonson. 298

To keep a True Lent..

.George Herbert. 333

To Lucasta on going to the Wars.

Richard Lovelace. 297

To my Empty Purse...

. Geoffrey Chaucer. 321

To Night

. Blanco White. 141

Too Late

.Fitzhugh Ludlow. 300

To Sleep..

Sir Philip Sidney. 98

To the Lion of St. Mark.....

.Joaquin Miller. 117

To the Lord General, Cromwell

..John Milton. 215


.John Milton. 91


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