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Seite 156 - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the ' Church, according to the use of the Church of England, together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches ; and the Form or Manner of making, ordaining and consecrating of Bishops, Priests and Deacons.
Seite 133 - Parish of [here insert name of parish], " The parishioners duly qualified according to the provisions of the Act of the second year of the reign of King William the Fourth, intituled An Act...
Seite 144 - And be it further enacted, That this Act shall be deemed and taken to be a Public Act, and shall be judicially taken notice of as such by all Judges, Justices, and others, without the same being specially pleaded.
Seite 84 - Officer of the Company, and need not be under the Common Seal of the Company, and the same may be in Writing or in Print, or partly in Writing and partly in Print.
Seite 21 - Communion, we appoint that the same tables shall from time to time be kept and repaired in sufficient and seemly manner, and covered in time of Divine Service with a carpet of silk or other decent stuff...
Seite 150 - Act the following words and expressions shall have the several meanings hereby assigned to them unless there be something in the subject or context repugnant to such construction...
Seite 108 - The school board shall be a body corporate, by the name of the school board of the district to which they belong, having a perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to acquire and hold land for the purposes of this Act without any license in mortmain...
Seite 62 - Viet. c. 81, whether during the celebration of divine service or at any other time, or in any churchyard or burial ground, or who shall molest, let, disturb, vex or trouble, or by any other unlawful means disquiet or misuse any preacher duly authorized to preach therein, or any clergyman in holy orders ministering or celebrating any sacrament, or any divine service, rite, or office...
Seite 161 - The judge shall pronounce judgment on the matter of the representation, and shall deliver to the parties, on application, and to the bishop, a copy of the special case, if any, and judgment. The judge shall issue such monition (if any) and make such order as to costs as the judgment shall require.
Seite 146 - Board and their Successors, in trust for the Purposes of this Act, and shall be accepted, taken, and held by them as a Body Corporate.

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