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dered out; but they appeared indisposed a long settled aversion to nominal offices, to act, and serious consequences began and he continued, in advanced age, to exto be apprehended. At this moment of hibit those bright principles of consistency alarm, Mr. Jay and Colonel Hamilton, and duty which uniformly had characteramong others, volunteered to be peace- | ized his distinguished career. makers, and, while near the prison, they! During the presidency of Mr. Jay, emwere violently assailed with stones, one bracing the period from the year 1822 to of which struck Mr. Jay, inflicting a dan- 1827, the Bible Society gradually extendgerous wound in his forehead, which con- ed its great work, as will be seen by this fined him to his bed a long time. At this tabular view :period was published the celebrated Fed

Receipts. Expenditures. Vols. Printed. eralist by Mr. Madison and Alexander 1823..... $52,021 $53,350 58,600

1524..... 42,416

43,105 77,575 Hamilton. Mr. Jay had written the sec

1925.... 49,693

47,599 48.550 ond, third, fourth, and fifth numbers, when

1826..... 56,115


$1,000 1827..... 65,192


76,784 he was obliged, by the above accident, to 1828..... 75,879

178,750 discontinue writing any more for some Such was the prosperity of the Amertime. He, however, afterward wrote the ican Bible Society during the presidency sixty-fourth number upon the treaty-mak- l of Governor Jay. In all the duties of this ing powers, a subject with which he was l honored, useful. ar

honored, useful, and excellent man, he obmost intimately acquainted.

served great exactness; this was especialMr. Jay was appointed envoy extraor

| ly the case in his domestic life. Every dinary to Great Britain in 1794, and morning the whole family was summoned signed the treaty which has since borne

to religious worship; and precisely at nine his name. Upon his return from that im

o'clock at night the call was repeated, when portant mission, he found himself elected

he read to them a chapter from the Bible, governor of the state of New York, which

and concluded with prayer. No company office he filled with distinguished ability interfered with these important duties. until the year 1801, when he declined a ' In 1827 Mr. Jay was seized with se. reëlection. “He had also been honored

d also been honored | vere and dangerous illness. Asked by one with the post of chief justice in the Su of his children to tell on what foundation preme Court of the United States, which he now rested his hopes, and from what he did not accept, and, no longer a candi

source he drew his consolations : They date for public life, he retired to his farm,

have the Book," was his concise and exat Bedford, Westchester County. Here,

pressive reply. For many months before secluded from the world and its strifes, he

| his death he was scarcely able to leave his passed in religious quiet and retirement

room, where occasionally he had the Lord's the remainder of his days.

supper administered to him. On the evenFew statesmen had less reason to dis

ing of May 14, 1829, he was seized with like public life, or left it with more satis

palsy, and expired on the 17th, in the faction, than Mr. Jay. For twenty-seven

eighty-fourth year of his age. His funeral years he had been engaged in the service

was without ostentation, agreeably to his of his country, and had discharged, with

will: eminent fidelity, many of its highest re

“I would have my funeral decent, but not sponsibilities. He sought not glory from

sough ho giory "om ostentatious. No scarfs--no rings. Instead men, but served his beloved land from a thereof, I give $200 to any poor deserving widow sense of duty. Like Washington, he was or orphan of this town, whom my children may a perfect example of political conscien- | select. tiousness.

The intelligence of his death called forth The health of Mr. Jay becoming more willing attestations of his worth from the feeble, in the year 1827 he resigned the public journals, the courts, and all parties. presidency of the Bible Society. At a Congress ordered his bust, as the first former period he had intimated a desire to chief justice of the United States, to be surrender his office for the same reason, placed in the chamber of the Supreme but was requested to remain, if he could Court-room, where it now stands. The only be able to address the members by an whole life of Mr. Jay exhibited the rare annual written communication ; but his picture of the Christian, patriot, and statesgrowing infirmities forbade even the disa man united, and justified the universal recharge of this pleasant duty. He had also spect which was always accorded him.

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LUTHIER READS THE BIBLE TO THE ELECTOR, JOHN | As an individual instance, this meeting THE CONSTANT.

may not perhaps be capable of historical MHE artist, introducing us to the private proof; still the picture shows in perfec

I life of Luther, gives us in the first in- tion the beautiful and unshaken unity of stance a proof of the intimate relation that mind and of opinion which so closely conexisted between the Reformer and his nected the teacher with the prince, and prince; we see him in confidential conver- of which history affords ample proof. It sation with the Elector John, to whom he was this prince, indeed, to whom Luther is reading and explaining the Scriptures. I addressed, in 1530, from Coburg to Angs

burg, those incomparable words, in which of it. Death would be my happiness; yet, the mutual relation between the two meno my God! if it be thy will, gladly would is so clearly reflected : “ The all-merciful I still live to spread thy holy word, and God approves himself still more merciful comfort such of thy people as wax faint. by making his word so powerful and Nevertheless, if my hour be come, thy will effective in your highness's (Euer kur- / be done! In thy hands are life and death. fürstlichen Gnaden) lands. For in your O my Lord Jesus Christ, I thank thee for dominions, it is true, there are more ex- thy grace in suffering me to know thy holy cellent preachers and clergymen, and a name. Thou knowest that I believe in greater number of them who teach purely thee, in the Father, and in the Holy Ghost; and faithfully, and assist in keeping the thou art my divine Mediator and Saviour. blessed peace, than in any other country . . . Thou knowest, O my Lord, that in the world. God our Lord, who has Satan has laid numerous snares for me, to appointed your highness father and helper slay my body by tyrants and my soul by over this country, feedeth all through your his fiery arrows, his infernal temptations. office and service. Let your highness be Up to this time, thou hast marvelously comforted. Christ is come, and will con- protected me against all his fury. Protect fess you before his Father, as you have me still, O my steadfast Lord, if it be thy confessed him before this wicked race. will.' He spoke of the sects that will I am grieved that Satan should afflict and arise to pervert God's word, and will not trouble your heart; he is a sorry bitter spare, he said, the flock which the Lord spirit, and cannot bear that the heart of has redeemed with his blood. He wept man should rejoice or be at peace, particu- as he spoke of these things. “As yet,' larly in the Lord ; how much less can he he said, . God has suffered me to join you bear that your highness should be of good in the struggle against these spirits of discourage, since he well knoweth of how order, and I would gladly continue so to much importance your heart is to us all; do ; alone, you will be too weak against and not only to us, but to all the world ; them all. However, the thought of Jesus nay, I might almost say to heaven itself. Christ reassures me ; for he is stronger Therefore we are all bound to assist your than Satan and all his arms, he is the highness with prayer, consolations, with Lord of Satan.' Some short time after, love, and in whatever way we can. 0! | when the vital heat had been a little rethe young people will do this, who cry and vived by frictions and the application of call, with their innocent tongues, so hot pillows, he asked his wife, Where affectingly to heaven, and faithfully is my little heart, my well-beloved little recommend your highness to the all- John? When the child was brought, he merciful God."

smiled at his father, who began saying,


good mother, my dear Catherine. You “Because I sometimes wear a gay and are penniless, but God will take care of jovial air, many conclude that my path is you. He is the father of orphans and on roses ; but God knows how far my widows. Preserve them, O my God; inheart is from any such feeling. Often form them, even as thou hast preserved have I resolved, for the world's sake, to and informed me up to this day. He assume a more austere and holier demean then spoke to his wife about some silver or, (I do not explain myself well,) but God goblets. Thou knowest,' he added, has not favored my resolve."

they are all we have left.' He fell into “ In the afternoon of the same day," a deep sleep, which recruited his strength; say Drs. John Bugenhagen and Jonas, and on the next day he was considerably "he fell down senseless, turned quite cold, better. He then said to Dr. Jonas, · Never and gave no sign of life. When recalled shall I forget yesterday. The Lord takes to himself by unceasing care, he began to man into hell, and draws him out of it. pray with great fervor :- Thou knowest, The tempest which beat yesterday morning my God!' he said, how cheerfully I would on my soul, was much more terrible than have poured out my blood for thy word, that which my body underwent toward but thou hast willed it otherwise. Thy evening. God kills, and brings to life will be done! No doubt I was unworthy He is the master of life and death.'"

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In the last picture Luther appeared as When Luther, in the fear of death, recomthe clerical servant of his prince; here mended the gospel to his future protecthe son of that prince visits him kindly in tion, he replied; “I fear, dear doctor, his bodily affliction. He had fallen dan- that if the Lord were to remove you, he gerously ill at Schmalkalden, when, on the would take away his precious word also ;" Sunday Invocavit, (February, 1537,) the which observation Luther properly conElector, John Frederick, visited and com- tradicted. At parting, John Frederick forted him. “The good God our Lord,” | sought to comfort him with these words: said that prince, much affected, “ will be “ Your wife shall be as my wife, and merciful unto us, and prolong your life." your children my children,"



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In our picture Melancthon sits in the preserved to us, it is but a just proof of foreground full of anxiety and deep sor- gratitude that our biographer-artist refers row ; indeed, he frequently could not re- in this picture to the indefatigable activity strain his tears at sight of his suffering of Kranach. Master Lucas is here seen friend : behind him, at the right hand of sketching the portrait of his friendthe sick man, stands Frederick Mykonius; which he afterward copied many times. George Spalatin bends, in anxious thought, Melancthon examines the features to judge over the pillow of the sufferer; the physic of the resemblance; few had looked so cian holds the medicine in his hand; Hans often and so deeply into the innermost von Dolzig stands behind the elector. soul of the hero as he, nor observed him

in such varied conditions of mind; he

was therefore sent for expressly to give LUTHER SITS FOR HIS PORTRAIT TO LUCAS KRANACH. an opinion on the portrait of his friend. As we owe it almost wholly to the in- Another friend, Spalatin, seeks to amuse dustrious and artistic hand of Lucas Luther during the sitting by reading Kranach that Luther's portrait, with its to him. bold, strongly marked features, has been Luther loved the arts, and Kranach and

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