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LUTHER BESIDE THE COFFIN OF HIS DAUGHTER | little daughter, thou wouldst gladly remain

here with thy father ; but thou wilt also W E stand here before a sanctuary. | readily go to thy other Father ?" the dying

W On the altar of his God, from the child replied: “Yes, dear father, as God inmost depths of his painfully struggling wills." And after the funeral he said : soul, the father gave up the dearest of all “ My daughter is now provided for, body he possessed ;-his beloved child, ripe for and soul. We Christians ought not to heaven while still on earth, he placed mourn; we know that it must be thus : resignedly into the lap of his Creator and we are most fully assured of eternal life : Redeemer.

| for God who has promised it us through On Wednesday, September 20, 1542, his Son, cannot lie. God has now two his daughter Madeleine, not yet fourteen saints of my flesh! If I could bring my years old, closed her eyes forever. “I daughter to life again, and she could bring love her much,” he said at her bed-side ; me a kingdom, I would not do it. 0, she “ but if it be thy will, O God, to take her, is well cared for! Blessed are the dead I shall gladly know her to be with thee!" who die in the Lord! whoever dies thus When he asked her : “ Madeleine, my l is assured of eternal life. I wish I and

my children, and you all, might depart; her mother had a dream. She dreamed for I see evil times coming.”.

that she saw two fair youths beautifully The great effectiveness of this picture attired, who came as if they wished to arises from the holy peacefulness breathing take Madeleine away with them, and conin the words of the mourning father, so duct her to be married. When Philip powerfully impressive in their solemn Melancthon came the next morning and simplicity. We seem to hear them :) asked the lady how it was with her “ Thou hast given, thou hast taken away ; | daughter? she related her dream, at which blessed be thy name!" No woman knew he seemed frightened, and remarked to better the affections of home than this others, that the young men were two holy sturdy gladiator of the moral world. angels, sent to carry the maiden to the Children especially were dear to him. true nuptials of a heavenly kingdom.' “ Children," he said, “are the happiest. She died that same day. When she was We old fools are ever distressing ourselves in the agony of death, her father threw with disputes about the word--constantly himself on his knees by her bedside, and asking ourselves, 'Is it true? Is it pos- weeping bitterly, prayed to God that he sible? How can it be possible ? Chile | would spare her. She breathed her last dren, in their pure and guileless faith, have in her father's arms. Her mother was in no doubts on matters appertaining to sal- the room, but not by the bed, on account vation. ... Like them we ought to of the violence of her grief. The doctor trust for salvation to the simple word; continued to repeat, God's will be done! but the devil is ever throwing some stum- | My child has another Father in heaven!' bling-block in our way." Another time, | Then Master Philip observed, that the as biß wife was giving the breast to his love of parents for their children was an little Martin, he said, “ The pope and duke image of the divine love impressed on the George hate this child, and all belonging hearts of men. God loves mankind no to me, as do their partisans and the devil. less than parents do their children. When However, they give no uneasiness to the they placed her on the bier, the father exdear child, and he does not concern him-claimed, “My poor, dear little Madeleine, self what such powerful enemies may do. you are at rest now.' Then, looking long He sticks to the teat, or crows laughingly and fixedly at her, he said, “Yes, dear aloud, and leaves them to grumble their child, thou shalt rise again, shalt shire fill.” One day, that Spalatin and Lenhart like a star! Yes! like the sun! . . . Beïer, pastor of Zwickau, were with him, I am joyful in spirit: but O! how sad in he pointed to his little Martin playing with the flesh! It is a strange feeling this, to a doll, and said, “ Even such were man's know she is so certainly at rest, that she thoughts in Paradise-simple, innocent, is happy, and yet to be so sad.'' and free from malice or hypocrisy; he must have been like this child when he speaks of God and is so sure of him."

LUTHER AND HANS KOHLIASE. He said, among other things, “God has PROMINENTLY to depict the moral courage not given such good gifts these thousand of Luther, and to show the great weight years to any bishop as he has to me. We of his name, the artist refers to his intermay glorify ourselves in the gifts of God. I course with Hans Kohlhase. Alas! I hate myself that I cannot rejoice This unhappy individual, originally an now as I ought to do, nor render sufficient honest much-respected man, of a strong thanks to God. I try to lift up my heart and vigorous mind, but passionate, and from time to time to our Lord in some with a keen perception of justice and of little hymn, and to feel as I ought to do." his own rights, was driven to desperation “ Well! whether we live or die, domini | by a series of injuries, and a denial of all sumus, in the genitive or the nominative.* redress, inflicted upon him by the ruling Come, sir doctor, be firm."

powers: he became a robber, and on “ The night before Madeleine's death, several occasions acted in concert with the

most violent opponents of the constituted • A play upon the word Dominus. "Domini authorities of that day. A character such sumus” may signify, (Domini being constructed

| as this was well calculated to inspire in the genitive,) “We are the Lord's;" or else, (constructed nominatively,) “We are lords,"

| Luther with the most lively interest ; for (i. c., masters, teachers.)

| in the depths of his soul also violent pas.

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sions lay hid, subdued and controlled by been consoled by the promise that they his higher qualities and by his faith (Luther and his friends) would advocate

The Chronica of Peter Haftiti states his cause, and bring it to a good end." that a warning letter which Luther ad- When this interference proved unavailing, dressed to Kohlhase, and in which he Kohlhase resumed his attempts to right solemnly and impressively admonishes him himself by violence; and was at length to repentance, encouraged the outcast to taken, condemned, and executed, 1540. go to Luther's house, and, without naming. In the picture Kohlhase appears deshimself, implore for admission. “It oc- pairing ; bowing down before Luther only, curred suddenly to Luther that this might because he could have faith in and respect be Kohlhase ; therefore he went to the him alone. Luther receives him seriousdoor himself, and said : Numquid tu es ly and compassionately; for he reads in Hans Kohlhase ? to which the answer this darkened mind, and perceives that a was, "Jam Domine Doctor.' Upon this great and divine power had been given he was let in ; and Luther conducted him it, the degeneration and destruction of solemnly to his own room, and sent for which he deeply laments. Master Philip (Melancthon) and several other divines. These Kohlhase made acquainted with the state of his affairs ; and

LUTHER VISITING PLAGUE PATIENTS. all remained with him until late at night. LUTHER, inspired by the courage which In the morning he confessed himself to faith gives, looked death in the face even Luther, received the holy communion, and when it approached in the terrible guise promised that he would abstain from of the plague. This awful disease had violence, and injure the Saxon lands no broken out three times in Wittemberg further. He departed, unrecognized and (1516, 1527, 1535;) and three times he unobserved, from the hostelry; having remained in the midst of the danger,

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although he was pressingly requested to for I am not the Apostle Paul, but only absent himself.

his commentator—but I trust God will “I hope,” he wrote to Lange, in 1516, protect me from all my fears.” Eleven " that the world will stand, though Martin years later, when the greater number of the Luther fall. I mean to disperse the inhabitants had left, and the university had brethren in all directions; but I have been ! been removed to Jena, he cried : “We posted here, and here I must remain. I are not alone; Christ and your prayers, do not say this because I do not fear death and those of all the saints, are with us;


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also the holy angels, invisible, but power- On All-saints' day, ten years after the ful! If it be the will of God that we | indulgences had been trodden under foot, should remain and die, our care will avail (1527,) he complained to Amsdorf: “My us nothing. Let every one dispose his house is becoming an hospital ; Hannah, mind this way: if he be bound to remain Dr. Augustin's wife, has carried the plague and to assist his fellow-men in their death- about with her, but she is now recovered ; struggles, let him resign himself to God, Margaretta Mochina frightened us with and say, “Lord, I am in thy hand ; thou one boil and other symptoms, but she is hast fixed me here ; thy will be done."" /well again ; for my Kate I fear much, for

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she is near her lying in; my little son also sight of her dead child, in the anticipation
has been ill for the last three days. Thus 'of a future life. Around her are depicted
there is struggle abroad and fear within the different degrees of the fear of death,
and both violent enough. Christ visits which stalks along in the back-ground as
us sorely ; the only consolation which we a never-ending funeral train.
can oppose to the wrath of Satan is, that
we have God's word for the salvation

LUTHER TAKES LEAVE OF HIS FAMILY; EXPERIENCES of our souls, even though he destroys

GREAT DANGER DURING HIS JOURNEY; HIS RECEPour bodies. Therefore do thou and our TION AT THE FRONTIERS BY THE COUNTS OF MANSbrethren include us in your prayers, that FELD. we may firmly bear the hand of God.” The man of battles begins a journey of On the 10th of December he writes : peace: as peacemaker he proceeds to his “I am like a dying man; and behold, I home; it was, as he had felt it to be, his live!” At the end of the year he ex- last journey, which led him to eternal claimed thankfully: “God hath shown peace, and to his real home. “The world himself wondrously merciful unto us.” is tired of me, and I am tired of it ; we

In the picture we see the horrors of a shall part easily, as a guest leaves his plague-scene. Luther administers the hostelry not unwilling." last consolations of religion to a dying He had twice attempted in the preceding woman; she has already overcome the year to adjust the quarrel between the afflictions of this world, even the painful I Counts of Mansfeld ; and now, accom

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