The History of the County and City of Cork, Band 2


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Seite 440 - How dreadful is this place ! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.
Seite 132 - There is a faith that overcomes the world, and there is a faith that is overcome by the world...
Seite 374 - WITH deep affection And recollection I often think of Those Shandon bells, Whose sounds so wild would, In the days of childhood, Fling round my cradle Their magic spells.
Seite 28 - demanded any marriage portion, neither promise of any, it not being in my consideration ; yet her father, after her marriage, gave me one thousand pounds in gold with her. But that gift of his daughter unto me, I must ever thankfully acknowledge, as the crown of all my blessings ; for she was a most religious, virtuous, loving, and obedient wife unto me all the days of her life, and the happy mother of all my hopeful children, whom with their posterity I beseech God to bless.
Seite 343 - Oh ! where is the dwelling in valley, or highland, So meet for a bard as this lone little island...
Seite 92 - The next day, the other two Towers were summoned ; in one of which was about six or seven score ; but they refused to yield themselves : and we knowing that hunger must compel .them, set only good guards to secure them from running away until their stomachs were come down. From one of the said Towers, notwithstanding their condition, they killed and wounded some of our men. When they submitted, their officers...
Seite 385 - Brethren above named, have constituted and appointed, and by these Presents, do constitute and appoint them, the said A., B., I., F., &c.
Seite 92 - Enemy had made three retrenchments, both to the :ight and left 'of where we entered; all which they were forced to quit. Being thus entered, we refused them quarter ; having, the day before, summoned the Town. I believe we put to the sword the whole number of the defendants. I do not think Thirty of the whole number escaped with their lives.
Seite 98 - I did hear also that Colonel Townsend was coming to me with their submission and desires, but was interrupted by a Fort at the mouth of Cork Harbour. But having sufficient grounds upon the former information, and other confirmation out of the Enemy's...

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