Recreations in Geology

Parker, 1839 - 224 Seiten

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Seite 141 - brake up for the sea his decreed place, and set bars and doors, and said, hitherto shalt thou come, but no further : and here shall thy proud waves be stayed.
Seite 2 - think or maintain that a man can search too far, or be too well studied in the book of God's word, or the book of God's works; but rather let men endeavour an endless progress and proficiency in
Seite 162 - The hungry ocean gain Advantage of the kingdom of the shore; And the firm soil win of the watery main, Increasing store with loss, and loss with store.
Seite xxxv - which stands As Neptune's park, ribbed and paled in "With rocks unscaleable, and roaring waters, "With sands that will not bear her enemy's boats, But suck them to the top-mast.
Seite xv - the configuration of the earth's surface has been re-modelled again and again; mountain chains have been raised or sunk; valleys have been formed, again filled up, and then re-excavated; sea and land have changed places. Yet throughout all these revolutions,
Seite 142 - I beheld the earth, and, lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens, and they had no light,
Seite xiv - An infinite of space, With infinite of lucid orbs replete: * # * * In motion all, yet what profound repose ! What fervid action, yet no noise ! as awed To silence by the presence of their God
Seite 126 - group that an active fancy may not trace among the grotesque ornaments which have been gradually moulded in this cavern by the dropping of the calcareous water, and its hardening into petrifactions.
Seite xxxiii - succession of fertile hills and valleys, thickly overspread with towns and cities, and in many parts crowded with a manufacturing population, whose. industry is maintained by the coal with which the strata of .these districts
Seite xxii - between extinct and recent species, so as to leave no doubt on the mind, that the same harmony of parts and beauty of contrivance which we admire in the living creature, has

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