Relations Between Local Magnetic Disturbances and the Genesis of Petroleum

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1909 - Petroleum - 24 pages

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Page 16 - It is sometimes convenient to have an elaborate statement of fact summarized into a few representative figures, the relation between which may be easily apprehended. Such a summary may be framed for the present case by assuming that the normal maximum power of the locomotive tested is that which involves a rate of evaporation of 12 pounds of water per square foot of heating surface per hour, and by averaging from the diagrams (Figs.
Page 130 - GLOSSARY OF SCIENTIFIC AND QUARRY TERMS. ACCESSORY MINERALS in granite are original constituents of the rock, found only in small, often only in microscopic quantity. ACIDIC.
Page 131 - Light whose vibrations, unlike those of ordinary light, which are in all directions, are in only one plane. Polarized light is used in the microscopic study of rocks.
Page 131 - OPHITIC. A term applied to microscopic rock texture to designate a mass of longish interlacing crystals, the spaces between which have been filled with minerals of later crystallization.
Page 130 - DIKE. A mass of granite, diabase, basalt, or other rock which has been erupted through a narrow fissure. DIMENSION STONE. A term applied to stones that are quarried of required dimensions. DIP. The inclination from the horizon, given In terms of degrees, of a sheet, joint, heading, dike, or other structural plane In a rock. DRIFT. Sand and bowlders deiwsited by the continental glacier.
Page 32 - ... to 0.1 inch. Its constituents, in descending order of abundance, are : Light smoky quartz with hairlike crystals of rutile, and sheets of cavities with cracks parallel to them; milk-white soda-lime feldspar (oligoclase) much kaolinized and micacized, with some carbonate and epidote, and in places intergrown with quartz in vermicular structure; clear to scarcely bluish potash feldspar (microcline with inclusions of oligoclase, quartz, and mica, also orthoclase micacized) ; biotite (black mica)...
Page 28 - Experimental work conducted in the chemical laboratory of the United States fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1905, to July 31, 1906, by NW Lord.
Page 130 - QUARRY. One in which the joints are either so close or so irregular that no very large blocks of stone can be quarried. CHANNEL. A narrow artificial incision across a mass of rock, which, in the case of a granite sheet, is made either by a series of contiguous drill holes or by blasting a series of holes arranged in zigzag order.
Page 49 - BULLETIN 332. Report of the United States fuel-testing plant at St. Louis, Mo., January 1, 1906, to June 30, 1907; JA Holmes, in charge. 1908.

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