Corinna, Or, Italy


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Seite 98 - ... the measure, while it reminds us of the rapid flight of time, bestows upon us the pleasure of enjoying it. There is no longer a vacuum ; we are no longer in the midst of silence, life appears to be filled up, the heart is dilated, and we experience an internal feeling of a more active existence. " Music multiplies the ideas we entertain respecting the faculties of the soul ; when listening to it we feel capable of the noblest efforts. Under its inspiring influence we could march tocleath with...
Seite 127 - I cannot touch on any of the themes that affect me, without that kind of thrill which is the source of ideal beauty in the arts, of religion in the recluse, generosity in heroes and disinterestedness among men. Corinne is a sort of political maenad, a figure like Rude's energetic "La Marseillaise" on the Arc de Triomphe or the goddess in Delacroix's painting of 1831, "Liberty Guiding the People.
Seite 168 - ... lifting up your eyes, their ken will hardly reach the summit of the vault. This dome, viewing it even from below, inspires us with a sentiment of terror; we imagine that we see an abyss suspended over our head.
Seite 38 - This will be a consolation to some of us to whom the mirror exists as a perpetual reproach. Had we lived in heroic times, the world which knows nothing of us but our outside, would have been enabled from that to detect those esoteric excelences with which, alas!
Seite 165 - I often go to walk here alone, in order to restore to my mind the tranquillity it may have lost. The sight of such a monument is like a continual and fixed music, awaiting you to pour its balm into your mind, whenever you approach it ; and certainly, among the many titles of this nation to glory, we must number the patience, courage, and disinterestedness of the chiefs of the church, who consecrated, during a hundred and fifty years, such vast treasures and...
Seite 156 - ... experience; consult those whom you would choose to resemble, and their first precept will be that you descend into yourself. If we interrogate conscience in good faith, she will enlighten us. She makes herself heard in the tumult of our vices, even against our will.
Seite 178 - The illuminated squares were placed in line with the edges of the disc, one on the right hand, the other on the left. In...
Seite 143 - Ours speaks in the name of love, yours in the name of duty. Your, principles are liberal, our dogmas are ab^ solute; yet nevertheless, in their application, our orthodox despotism accommodates itself to particular circumstances, while your religious liberty causes its laws to be respected, without any exception.
Seite 353 - ... countenance, even when he ceased to speak ; then, as her friends eagerly asked what she thought of Italian tragedy, she answered by addressing herself to Nevil. — " My lord, I so entirely agree with you, that it is not as a disputant I reply ; but to make some exceptions to your, perhaps, too general rules. It is true that Metastasio is rather a lyric than a dramatic poet ; and that he depicts love rather as one of the fine arts that embellish life, than as the secret source of our deepest...
Seite 152 - ... him that is the head and life of it; who hath said, " Where two or three are met in my name, I will be in the midst of them." And so he is, and may be felt by all who keep in his spirit : but he that follows his own spirit, sees nothing as he ought to see it.

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