The Fairbanks and Rampart Quadrangles, Yukon-Tanana Region, Alaska


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Seite 54 - They may be defined as follows: "Second-feet" is an abbreviation for "cubic feet per second." A second-foot is the rate of discharge of water flowing in a...
Seite 48 - OPEN-CUT MINING. The ground is generally stripped first of all by sluicing off the overlying muck. A bedrock drain is then constructed, and an open cut of sufficient width for one or two sets of boxes is carried gradually up the valley. In some cases the gravel is hoisted by steam power entirely out of the cut to boxes set above the surface and to one side of the workings. By this method a frequent resetting of the boxes is avoided and there is a better disposal of tailings. Gravel is hoisted by...
Seite 94 - The transformation of an available water supply into a powerful tool of excavation and transportation and the use of this tool in the most skillful and efficient manner are among the most important problems of mining. Lack of knowledge and skill may be covered by the results where the ground is very rich, but with ground like that under consideration the possession of these qualities or the lack of them may make all the difference between success and failure. Directors and stockholders of companies...

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