British and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review, Band 5

Samuel Highley, 1850

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Seite 221 - Immediately a place Before his eyes appear'd, sad, noisome, dark, A lazar-house it seem'd, wherein were laid Numbers of all diseased, all maladies Of ghastly spasm, or racking torture, qualms Of heart-sick agony, all feverous kinds, Convulsions, epilepsies, fierce catarrhs, Intestine stone and ulcer, colic pangs, Demoniac frenzy, moping melancholy, And moon-struck madness, pining atrophy, Marasmus, and wide-wasting pestilence, Dropsies, and asthmas, and joint-racking rheums.
Seite 413 - AB of [insert residence and profession or occupation (if any)], and that the said AB is a [lunatic, or an idiot, or a person of unsound mind], and a proper person to be taken charge of and detained under care and treatment, and that I have formed this opinion upon the following grounds, viz: 1.
Seite 308 - A regular medical education furnishes the only presumptive evidence of professional abilities and' acquirements, and ought to be the only acknowledged right of an individual to the exercise and honors of his profession. Nevertheless, as in consultations the good of the patient is the sole object in view, and this is often dependent on personal confidence, no intelligent regular practitioner, who has a license to...
Seite 428 - So went Satan forth from the presence of the LORD, and smote Job with sore boils from the sole of his foot unto his crown.
Seite iii - DEMONSTRATIONS IN ANATOMY. Being a Guide to the Knowledge of the Human Body by Dissection.
Seite 307 - It is derogatory to the dignity of the profession to resort to public advertisements, or private cards, or handbills, inviting the attention of individuals affected with particular diseases— publicly offering advice and medicine to the poor, gratis, or promising radical cures; or to publish cases' and operations in the daily prints, or...
Seite 307 - He should therefore observe strictly, such laws as are instituted for the government of its members ; — should avoid all contumelious and sarcastic remarks relative to the faculty, as a body ; and while, by unwearied diligence, he resorts to every honorable means of enriching the science, he should entertain a due respect for his seniors, who have, by their labors, brought it to the elevated condition in which he finds it.
Seite 500 - Lastly, while we acknowledge it to be the bounden duty of ourselves and our Clergy, by God's grace assisting us, in our several stations, to do the work of good evangelists, yet we desire to remember that we have most solemnly pledged ourselves to fulfil this work of our ministry, according to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England, and as faithful subjects of Her most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria, "unto whom the chief government of all estates of this realm, whether they be ecclesiastical...
Seite 456 - How interesting and instructive to the landscape painter (34) would be a work that should present to the eye accurate delineations of the sixteen principal forms enumerated, both individually and in collective contrast! What can be more picturesque than the arborescent Ferns, which spread their tender foliage above the Mexican laureloak...
Seite 541 - On a Form of Disease resembling some advanced stages of mania and fever, but so contradistinguished from any ordinarily observed or described combination of symptoms, as to render it probable that it may be an overlooked and hitherto unrecorded malady.

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