Steam and Machinery Management: A Guide to the Arrangement and Economical Management of Machinery with Hints on Construction and Selection

Crosby Lockwood, 1884 - 191 Seiten

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Seite 185 - THE STUDENT'S GUIDE to the PRACTICE of MEASURING and VALUING ARTIFICERS' WORKS; containing Directions for taking Dimensions, Abstracting the same, and bringing the Quantities into Bill, with Tables of Constants, and copious Memoranda for the Valuation of Labour and Materials in the respective Trades of Bricklayer and Slater, Carpenter and Joiner, Painter and Glazier, Paperhanger, &c.
Seite 192 - Tables for Land Valuers. THE LAND VALUER'S BEST ASSISTANT: being Tables, on a very much improved Plan, for Calculating the Value of Estates. With Tables for reducing Scotch, Irish, and Provincial Customary Acres to Statute Measure, &c. By R. HUDSON, CE New Edition, royal 32mo, leather, gilt edges, elastic band, 4*.
Seite 192 - Electric Lighting. ELECTRIC LIGHT : Its Production and Use, embodying plain Directions for the Treatment of Voltaic Batteries, Electric Lamps, and Dynamo-Electric Machines. By JW URQUHART, CE, Author of
Seite 192 - GEOLOGY, PHYSICAL AND HISTORICAL. Consisting of "Physical Geology," which sets forth the leading Principles of the Science; and "Historical Geology," which treats of the Mineral and Organic Conditions of the Earth at each successive epoch, especial reference being made to the British Series of Rocks. By RALPH TATE, ALS, FGS , &c., &c.
Seite 192 - Phrases and Forms in English, French, Italian, and German. By JAMES HADDON, MA, Arithmetical Master of King's College School, London, is. 6d. 84. ARITHMETIC, a Rudimentary Treatise on : with full Explanations of its Theoretical Principles, and numerous Examples for Practice. For the Use of Schools and for Self-Instruction. By JR YOUNG, late Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. New Edition, with Index, is. 6d. 84*.
Seite 192 - DAVIDSON. — A Practical Manual of House Painting, Graining, Marbling, and Sign- Writing: Containing full information on the processes of House Painting in Oil and Distemper, the Formation of Letters and Practice of SignWriting, the Principles of Decorative Art, a Course of Elementary Drawing for House Painters, Writers, etc., and a Collection of Useful Receipts. With nine colored illustrations of Woods and Marbles, and numerous wood...
Seite 171 - List of Contents. I. Historical Sketch of some of the means that have been adopted for the Supply of Water to Cities and Towns. — II. Water and the Foreign Matter usually associated with it. — III. Rainfall and Evaporation. — IV. Springs and the waterbearing formations of various districts. — V. Measurement and Estimation of the Flow of Water.
Seite 192 - Dentistry. — . — MECHANICAL DENTISTRY. A Practical Treatise on the Construction of the various kinds of Artificial Dentures. Comprising also Useful Formulae, Tables, and Receipts for Gold Plate, Clasps, Solders, etc., etc. By CHARLES HUNTER. With numerous Wood Engravings. Crown 8vo, 7*. 6d. cloth. "The work is very practical.
Seite 192 - Illustrated, is. 6d. 17. ARCHITECTURE— STYLES— The History and Description of the Styles of Architecture of Various Countries, from the Earliest to the Present Period. By T. TALBOT BURY, FRIBA, &c. Illustrated. 2s. V ORDERS AND STYLES OF ARCHITECTURE, in One Vol., 3$.
Seite 175 - Steam and the Steam Engine, Stationary and Portable. Being an Extension of the Treatise on the Steam Engine of Mr. J. SEWELL. . By DK CLARK, CE...

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