Christian Heroes - Then and Now - Amy Carmichael Unit Study: Curriculum Guide

YWAM Publishing, 2001 - 64 Seiten
Based on the book Mary Slessor: Forward Into Calabar. These guides provide the Christian school teacher and homeschooling parent with ways to use the book as a vehicle for teaching and reinforcing many curriculum areas including geography, history, and world missions. Each Christian Heroes unit study curriculum guide corresponds with the book from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series. Designed for both group and individual study, reflective of a wide range of learning styles, suitable for a range of grade levels and abilities, with reproducible fact sheet and maps.

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Super Story!

Nutzerbericht  - Oracle Triple C -

Wonderful biography that encourages young and old alike to live the life that God is calling them to! Some mention of temple prostitutes... which I wasn't quite ready to explain to an 8 year old ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

Nutzerbericht  - Kelly Baker -

Excellent help for homeschoolers -- good ideas, very thorough, includes ideas for many grade levels. Highly recommend it! Vollständige Rezension lesen

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