Culture and Anarchy: An Essay in Political and Social Criticism

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This is the complete edition, which includes the 40-page Editor's Introduction. This well-known study is essential reading for those interested in the importance of culture and how to nurture its positive growth. Creating a harmonious growth of all facets of culture has become much more of a challenge in modern times. Following the precepts of this book can help insure success. Arnold is a champion for what he called an "organic" society--one that evolves slowly, grows into maturity, and avoids making great leaps into new forms of change that could, as a result, create trouble. There have always been those who are unhappy and wish to stir up unrest. If society can remain strong from the foundation that it has built, then anarchy will develop no foothold. Arnold provides a clear contrast between culture and the unrest that was prevalent in Victorian England, when this book was written. We can learn much from this study. From time to time, deep divisions can emerge in society. These social divisions often come from those who hold more radical ideologies from the norm. They attempt to create mistrust of authority, stereotyping, and the growth of fear in an effort to incite others and bring down the system. From studying this book one can better see how we got where we are today, and what may be needed to keep us going in a relatively safe way into the future, despite the increasing complexities we now face in the world today.

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