Archaeological Review, Band 2

D. Nutt., 1889

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Seite 185 - The provision for the widow was attributable to the exertions of the Church, which never relaxed its solicitude for the interest of wives surviving their husbands — winning, perhaps, one of the most arduous of its triumphs when, after exacting for two or three centuries an express promise from the husband at marriage to endow his wife, it at length succeeded in engrafting the principle of Dower on the Customary Law of all Western Europe.
Seite 189 - ... while she lives single and chaste; but if she commit incontinency, she forfeits her estate. Yet if she will come into the court riding backward upon a black ram, with his tail in her hand, and say the words following, the steward is bound by the custom to readmit her to her freebench...
Seite 261 - ... and there were, in addition to the angle buttresses, square pilasters carried up between the centre and side lights of the east window which was a triplet ; and these pilasters, like the buttresses, were of ashlar work. Externally, on the eastern side of the south transept had been found a series of monks' graves, some of which have still their carved headstones in situ.
Seite 411 - The lamentable and true tragedie of M. Arden of Feversham in Kent. Who was most wickedlye murdered, by the meanes of his disloyall and wanton wyfe, who for the loue she bare to one Mosbie, hyred two desperat ruffins Blackwill and Shakbag, to kill him. Wherin is shewed the great malice and discimulation of a wicked woman, the vnsatiable desire of filthie lust and the shamefull end of all murderers.
Seite 358 - car.,' and at the same time and in the same' paragraph the lord is stated to have V ' car.' and the tenants xxv 'car.' In the counties of Devon and Cornwall we can test this to some extent by the 'Exon Domesday ' (which appears to be .the, original return of the juries from which the Exchequer DB was compiled). In some cases the Exon D. gives the number of the lord's and the tenants'
Seite 255 - In one instance a human skeleton lay beneath that of a horse in such a position as to indicate that the horse had crushed and killed the man by falling upon him. It is evident that this hall had been the scene of a, massacre, for in nearly every instance the skull or facial bones have been fractured, and the bodies lie over one another in confused heaps.
Seite 377 - Excavators, as a rule, record only those things which appear to them important at the time, but fresh problems in Archaeology and Anthropology are constantly arising, and it can hardly fail to have escaped the notice of anthropologists...
Seite 40 - Set Two,' and thus four of the tenants having obtained their allotments, four others come forwards, and the same process is repeated until all the tenants have received their allotments.
Seite 135 - Irish druidism absorbed a certain amount of Christianity; and it would be a problem of considerable difficulty to fix on the point where it ceased to be druidism, and from which onwards it could be said to be Christianity in any restricted sense of that term
Seite 321 - The inclosed area is surrounded by a ditch with a bank on the outside, both very regularly formed. In the centre there is usually a small mound of very slight elevation, not more than one foot in height ; sometimes there are two, or even three, such mounds, corresponding to so many sepulchral deposits. So insignificant are these central mounds that they are scarcely recognized as tumuli by the casual observer.

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