Chaucers einfluss auf das englische drama im zeitalter der konigin Elisabeth und der beiden ersten Stuart-konige

M. Niemeyer, 1901 - 85 Seiten

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Seite 81 - Was shaply for to been an alderman. For catel hadde they ynogh and rente, And eek hir wyves wolde it wel assente; And elles certeyn were they to blame. It is ful fair to been ycleped "madame," And goon to vigilies al bifore, And have a mantel roialliche ybore.
Seite 25 - And yet he was but esy of dispence; He kepte that he wan in pestilence. For gold in phisik is a cordial, Therefore he lovede gold in special.
Seite 61 - She may be goddes mene, and goddes whippe; Than shal your soule up to hevene skippe Swifter than dooth an arwe out of the bowe...
Seite 24 - It is nat honest, it may nat avaunce For to delen with no swich poraille, But al with riche and sellers of vitaille. And over-al, ther as profit sholde aryse, Curteys he was, and lowly of servyse. 250 Ther nas no man no-wher so vertuous. He was the beste beggere in his hous; For thogh a widwe hadde noght a sho, So plesaunt was his ' In principio' Yet wolde he have a ferthing, er he wente.
Seite 18 - FACE. O, sir, we are defeated ! all the works Are flown in fumo,' every glass is burst ; Furnace and all rent down, as if a bolt Of thunder had been driven through the house. Retorts, receivers, pelicans,' bolt-heads,* All struck in shivers ! (SUBTLE falls down as in a swoon.) Help, good sir ! alas, Coldness and death invades him.
Seite 46 - Y-closed, stoupen on hir stalkes lowe, Redressen hem a-yein the sonne bright, And spreden on hir kinde cours by rowe ; Right so gan tho his eyen up to throwe This Troilus, and seyde, ' 0 Venus dere, Thy might, thy grace, y-heried be it here !
Seite 65 - He was al coltish, ful of ragerye, And ful of jargon as a flekked pye. The slakke skin aboute his nekke shaketh, Whyl that he sang; so chaunteth he and craketh. But god wot what that May thoughte in hir herte...
Seite 19 - I'll send one to you to receive it. MAM. Do. Is no projection left? FACE. All flown, or stinks, sir. MAM. Will nought be sav'd that's good for med'cine, think'st thou? FACE. I cannot tell, sir. There will be perhaps Something about the scraping of the shards, Will cure the itch, — though not your itch of mind, sir.
Seite 25 - To speke of phisik and of surgerye ; For he was grounded in astronomye.
Seite 59 - But certeynly, a yong thing may men gye, Right as men may warm wex with handes plye.

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