Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference of the American Association of Medical Milk Commissions


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Seite 47 - There is a question in my mind as to whether or not you could not get people at smaller salaries to do some of the work.
Seite 158 - Tis the human touch in this world that counts, The touch of your hand and mine, Which means far more to the fainting heart Than shelter and bread and wine; For shelter is gone when the night is o'er, And bread lasts only a day, But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice Sing on in the soul alway.
Seite 43 - The Chairman: The motion has been made and seconded. All in favor of this motion, respond in the usual manner ; contrary?
Seite 534 - Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry of the US Department of Agriculture...
Seite 453 - First. An absence of large numbers of microorganisms and the entire freedom of the milk from pathogenic varieties. Second. Unvarying resistance to early fermentative change in the milk, so that it may be kept under ordinary conditions without extraordinary care.
Seite 161 - The American Association of Medical Milk Commissions." Article II. Purposes of the Association. The purpose of this Association shall be to federate and to bring into one compact association the Medical Milk Commissions of the United States; to exchange views and to adopt uniform methods of procedure in the work of the Medical Milk Commissions; to fix chemical and bacteriologic standards ; to determine the scope of medical and veterinary inspections, and to foster and encourage the establishment...
Seite 334 - As she browses i'jout the pasture she selects the various sorts of grasses, twigs, leaves and stems which suit her needs and with them gathers a fine assortment of cell-stimulating, life-saving vitamines which are borne by the glistening streams which pour from her udder and impart to this wonderful foodstuff a potency as a body-building agent possessed by no other known substance. It should be mentioned...
Seite 154 - When, therefore, it is considered that at the present time, the mortality among infants comprises about thirty percent of that occurring in all ages, and from all causes, we are led to the conclusion that the relation of the medical profession to this subject is far more important than would appear to a casual observer." "Aside from the foregoing considerations, the physician often fails to secure results in his professional work among the sick, because of impoverished milk, and it is probably no...
Seite 255 - The production and distribution of fluid milk and of fluid cream and the dissemination of accurate, scientific information as to the importance of milk and other dairy products in the maintenance of a high level of public health, is hereby declared to be a business affected with a public interest. The provisions of this chapter are enacted in the exercise of police powers of this State for the purpose of protecting the health and welfare of the people of this State.
Seite 299 - ... artificially fed, not more than six months old, and under the supervision of the Boston Baby Hygiene Association. For purposes of study they were divided into three groups ; Group I, children fed on Grade "A" milk; Group II, children placed on whole milk powder which was reconstituted in their home ; and Group III, children placed on milk which had been reconstructed from unsalted butter and skimmed milk powder. Method of Preparing Milk. For Group I, the Grade "A" milk was modified to meet the...

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