Dust Preventives and Road Binders


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Seite 96 - Care should be observed in centering the briquettes in the testing machine, as cross-strains, produced by improper centering, tend to lower the breaking strength. The load should not be applied too suddenly, as it may produce vibration, the shock from which often breaks the briquette before the ultimate strength is reached. Care must be taken that the clips and the sides of the briquette be clean and free from grains of sand or dirt, which would prevent a good bearing. The load should be applied...
Seite 93 - The sand and cement should be thoroughly mixed dry. The mixing should be done on some non-absorbing surface, preferably plate glass. If the mixing must be done on an absorbing surface it should be thoroughly dampened prior to use.
Seite 89 - ... (10.58 oz.). The rod, which can be held in any desired position by a screw (F) carries an indicator, which moves over a scale (graduated to centimeters) attached to the frame (K). The paste is held by a conical, hard-rubber ring (I), 7 cm.
Seite 87 - This cloth should be mounted on the frames without distortion ; the mesh should be regular in spacing and be within the following limits : No. 100, 96 to 100 meshes to the linear inch. No. 200, 188 to 200 meshes to the linear inch. 24. Fifty grams (1.76 oz.) or 100 gr. (3.52 oz.) should be used for the test and dried at a temperature of 100° C.
Seite 85 - ... long; in the middle of this neck is a bulb (C), above and below which are two marks, F and E; the volume between these marks is 20 cu. cm. (1.22 cu.
Seite 75 - Pats of neat cement about three inches in diameter, one-half inch thick at the center, and tapering to a thin edge, shall be kept in moist air for a period of twenty-four hours.
Seite 97 - ... minutes, or longer if the blast is not powerful enough to effect complete conversion to a cement in this time. It is then transferred to an evaporating dish, preferably of platinum for the sake of celerity in evaporation...
Seite 86 - Fahr.) and cooled to the temperature of the liquid, Is gradually introduced through the funnel (B) the stem of which extends into the flask to the top of the bulb (C), until the upper mark (F) is reached.
Seite 75 - The minimum requirements for tensile strength for briquettes one square inch in cross section shall be as follows and the cement shall show no retrogression in strength within the periods specified: Age.
Seite 97 - J cm. (0.49 in.) thick at the center, and tapering to a thin edge, should be made upon a clean glass plate about 10 cm. (3.94 ins.) square, from cement paste of normal consistency. 72. Normal Test. — A pat is immersed in water maintained as near 21° C.

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