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HGravelot in Vol: 8.P.229.

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Dramatis Persona,

DUKE of Venice.
Brabantio, a noble Venetian.

Gratiano, Brother to Brabantio.
Lodovico, Kinsman to Brabantio and Gratiano.
Othello, the Moor, Geperal for the Venetians in Cyprus,
Caffio, bis Lieutenant-General.
Iago, Standard-bearer to Othello.
Rodorigo, a foolish Gentleman, in love with Desdemona.
Montano, the Moor's Predecessor in the Government of

Closun, Servant to the Moor -

Desdemona, Daughter to Brabantio, and Wife to Othello.
Æmilia, Wife to Iago.
Bianca, Courtezan, Mistress to Caffio.

Oficers, Gentlemen, Messengers, Muficians, Sailors, and


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SCENE, for the First Ai, in Venice; during

the rest of the Play, in Cyprus.

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· ACT I. SCENE, a Street in VENICE. .

Enter Rodorigo and Iago.


**EVER tell me, I take it much unkindly,

That thou, Iago, who has had my purie,
You As if the strings were thine, shouldft know

of this. 张家港

Iago. But you'll not hear me.
If ever I did dream of such a matter, abhor me.,

Rod. Thou told'ít me, thou didst hold him in thy hate.

lago. Despise me,
If I do not. Three great ones of the city,
In personal suit to make me his lieutenant,
Of-capp'd to him: and, by the faith of man,
I know my price, I'm worth no worse a place.
But he, as loving his own pride and purpose,

Evades them with a bombaft circumstance,
Horribly stuft with epithets of war,
Aud, in conclusion,
Non-suits my mediators. Certes, says he,
“ I have already chose my

And what was he?
Forsooth, a great arithmetician,
One Michael Caffio; (“ the Florentine's (1)
“ A fellow almoft damn'd in a fair wife;").
That never fet a squadron in the field,
Nor the division of a battle knows
More than a pinster; but the bookish theorick,

(1). Forsooth, a great Arithmetician, One Michael Caffio, a Florentine,

A Fellow, almoft damn'd in a fair Wife.] Thus has this Passage ignorantly been corrupted, (as Mr. Warburton likewise faw with me;) by falle Pointing, and an inadvertence to Matter of Fact, through the whole Course of the Editions. By the Bye, this Play was not published even singly, that I can find, till fix Years after the Author's Death: and by thac Interval became more liable to Errors, l'il fubjoin the Reasons in proof of the Correction. The new Pointing fers Circumstances right, as I shall immediately explain; and it gives a Variety, in lag? reporting the Behaviour of Oibello, to start into these Breaks; now, to make Othello speak; then, to interrupt what Othello says with his own private Reflexions; then, again, to proceed with Oibello's Speeches ::

For this not only marks the inquietude of lago's Mind upon thé Subject in hand; but likewise shews the Actor in the Variation of Tone and Gesture, whilft he (in a breath, as it were) personates. alternately Othello and himself. Besides, to come to the Neceflity of the Change made; lago, not Callio, was the Florentine : lago, not. Caffio, was the married Man; lago's Wife attends Dejdemona to Gyprus; Cassio has a Mistress there, a common Strumpet; and lago tells him in the fourth Act,

She gives it out, that you shall marry her: Which would be very absurd, if. Cafio had been already married at Venice. Besides, our Poet follows the Authority of his Novel in giving the villainous Ensign a fair Wife.


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