The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster, Southwark, and Other Parts Adjacent, Band 4


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Seite 519 - True, representing some principal pieces of the reign of Henry VIII, which was set forth with many extraordinary circumstances of pomp and majesty, even to the matting of the stage; the Knights of the Order, with their Georges and Garter, the Guards with their embroidered coats and the like, sufficient in truth within a while to make greatness very familiar, if not ridiculous.
Seite 125 - To paint fair Nature, by divine command, Her magic pencil in his glowing hand, A Shakspeare rose ; then, to expand his fame Wide o'er this breathing world, a Garrick came. Though sunk in death the forms the Poet drew, The Actor's genius bade them breathe anew ; Though, like the bard himself, in night they lay, Immortal Garrick call'd them back to day : And till Eternity with pow'r sublime Shall mark the mortal hour of hoary Time, Shakspeare and Garrick like twin-stars shall shine, And earth irradiate...
Seite 539 - Triiunphans, or an Historical Account of the grand Influence the Actions of the City of London have had upon the affairs of the nation for many ages past...
Seite 35 - N. do become your liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship, and faith and truth I will bear unto you, to live and die, against all manner of folks. So help me God.
Seite 427 - My lord of Ely, when I was last in Holborn, I saw good strawberries in your garden there ; 3 I do beseech you, send for some of them.
Seite 31 - And will you preserve unto the bishops and clergy of this realm, and to the churches committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law, do or shall appertain unto them, or any of them ?" King or Queen.
Seite 516 - ... of those that are wounded or tired. To this entertainment there often follows that of whipping a blinded bear, which is performed by five or six men, standing circularly with whips, which they exercise upon him without...
Seite 31 - Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the laws of God, the true profession of the Gospel, and the Protestant reformed religion established by law...
Seite 31 - ... of this realm, and to the churches committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain unto them, or any of them?" — King or queen,
Seite 478 - ... and therefore praying, that leave may be given to bring in a bill for enabling the petitioners to make the said intended road, and to light, watch, and repair the same when made.

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