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ing, being inscribed upon the outside of a sealed paper accompanying it, containing the name and address of the competitor, or such name and address as be pleases to put in its Atead, if he wishes to remain unknown. The fealed paper belonging to each of those el ays to which the premiums fball be adjudged, will be opened when the premiums are awarded, and the elays be published in this miscellany. The other elays will be returned if desired; or they will be severally publisbed, if approved by the judges to whom this matter fall be referred, and if agreeable to the writer. At any rate, however, none of the sealed papers, unless it be those belonging to the elays to which premiums are adjudged, shall be opened ; but will be returned, if desired, to any person who fall call for them : Or, if not called for within fix months after the premiums foall be adjudged, they will tben be burnt, in the presence of respectable witnesses, wbo fall attest that the feals were unopened. The rifleft bonour in this refpect may be depended on.

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Cursory Hints and Anécdotes of the late Doctor

WILLIAM CULLEN of Edinburgh.

Amicùs Plato, sed magis amica veritas.

A life of Doctor Cullen, with a full account of his writings, being now

preparing for the press by a masterly hand, on the authenticity of whose information the public may rely,--the editor of this miscela lany finds it unnecessary, and would be improper in him to offer to his readers, in these circumstances, any thing farther than a few hints and: anecdotes, illustrative of the character and disposition of that great man; moft of which have fallen under his own observation, but which could not with propriety have found a place in a regular biographical article. Requesting, therefore, that the curiosity of the public may be suspended till that more perfect work shall appear, --the following hints are offered merely as a tribute of gratitude in the writer, and in compliance with the engagements he has come under to the public. If they have no other merit, their authenticity may be relied upon.

It is a melancholy consideration to the Editor, that he has occasion to begin his work with a posthumous account of the most eminent preceptor and disinterested. friend he ever had in the world. Short is the period that man is suffered to tread this transitory stage VOL. I.


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