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are regularly added to the annual the English school owes much of million.

its celebrity, and the arts, much of The ambition of the Empress of their present distinction, had them Ruslia, has been of late the fubject copicd, and transferred from the of much fatire and odium ; but canvas, to the copper, by the first whatever may be said of her poli- artists in this country. A set of tical principles, her extensive pa-proof prints his Lordship transmic tronage of the arts, and encourage-ted to the Empress; and, in rement of genius, has perhaps not turn, she sent him a gold bux, been equalled by any monarch, which does as much honour to the even of more civilized nations. taste of this newly civilized pco With all her faults, she has an un-ple, as to the munificence of their doubted claim to the character of Sovereign. Though costly, it is a great sovereign; and, in the an- elegant. The rim is surrounded nals of modern times, her name with pearls, and, in the centre, fet will be recorded among those of round with brilliants, is an enathe higher order. While engaged melled miniature of perseverance, in a most expensive war, and bur- from a painting by Angelica, thened with the care of a great which was fome time ago engrayempire, he seeks for and rewards ed for Messrs. Boydells. These merit in countries distant from her circumstances, added to the subject, own duminions. Often has many frender the compliment morc pecuindividuals of this country expe- liarly appropriate. rienced her liberal munificence, of Dr. Buchan's useful and elegant which the following are some of volume on Domestic medicine, has the latest instances.

been translated intu several lan When Mr. Wedgwood, by tak-guages. A copy in the French ing for his models beautiful Etru-tongue attracted her Imperial MaScan forms, introduced such orna-ljefty's attention. To sew her ments, as banished the absurd and approbation of the work, and give grotesque Chinese figures which fome token of her respect for the formerly disgraced our drawing- talents of the Author, the Great rooms, and gave a new turn to Chancellor of Russia, by order of the taste of his country; the Em- the Empress, has lately written a press of Russia was the first foreign letter to the Doctor, expressive of who noticed his exertions, and pa- her high opinion of his book. The tronized his manufacture. letter was accompanied with a fie

When, to the dishonour of Bri- perb medallion of gold, which has tain, and the regret of every ad- on one side à baso relievo of her Mamircr of the fine arts, the Hough-jesty's head, and on the reverse, che ton Gallery of pictures, was luf-| Equestrian Statue of Petex the fered to become the ornaments of Great This flattering testimony another nation, the purchased to the merit of his work, accom them; and that matchless collec- panied with a polite letter, has been tion, which was once an attraction transinitted to the Doctor, by his to foreigners, and an honour to Excellency the Count de WoronEngland, was banished to the cold zow, her Imperial Majesty's Ame and dreary North. Previous to bassador to the British Court. their transportation, the present Notwithstanding the mildness mozf Lord Mayor of London, to whoin the present winter in France and England, there has been a leverer Foulness and Canvey Ifands, have frost in the similar latitudes of likewise received considerable inAmerica, than can be remembered jury; Mr. Harriot's new island is for several years past.

totally gone to sea; and there are All accounts concur in stating three immense breaches in the the increasing wealth and profpe north-west walls of Canvey iland, rity of the American States, which through which the tides ebb and however they do not enjoy with Aow with vast impetuofity. The out alloy or interruption. In a very damage done to the corn lands a. bloody engagement with the Mea- lone, by this extraordinary innunnu Indians, they obtained fome dation, is estimated at 20,0001. kind of victory over these favage A similar disaster happened to the warriors,' by destroying their wig- maritime parts of Efex, about 55 wams and their corn; of the van-years ago. quished only 123 were killed, and The accounts of the capture of 183 of the victors.

Ismael, published by authority at ; Six hundred conviAs from the Petersburgh, state the number of goals of London, besides those from the Turkish garrison at 30,000 other parts of the kingdom, will be men, of whom 20,000 were fain. embarked for Botany Bay, every Such a loss, if true, exceeds that one of which costs this country.300l. (of any garrison in late times, and The vefsels on their return will be is by far more ignominious to the frcighted with goods for the East conquerors than the conquered. India Company, from the coast of The consequences of this capture. Malabar.

fit is generally fupposed, will be The damage done on the west, very advantageous to Russia. and north parts of the coast of El. The whole of Tippeo Saib's sex, by the late spring tides, is im- military forces at present, is reckmenfe. Not one island but has oned at 155,000, most of which severely suffered. Those of Pot- are much fuperior to any troops ten, Wallace, and New England, that have ever been raised, and are totally overpowered : in the disciplined by a native of India. latter, four hundred Theep were His revenues are stated at four swept off by the violence of the sea.linillions Sterling.




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Abyssinian thorn, description of, 139 Banana tree, observations on, 204
Account of the Enfete plant, 203 Bankruptcies, thoughts on the
Address to the readers at the prevalence of,

close of the volume, 366 | Bankrupts, cruelty and impo. , -
On the advantages of Periodi- licy of imprisoning them, 281
cal Performances, • 10

law proposed fortheir
Agriculture, benefits that may

relief, - - 284
result from the study of, 247 | Becket, character of,
A friend to ditto, his observa- Bounty on corn, the exporta.

tions on Mangel Wursel, 337 tion of, beneficial effed of, 304
Agriculture, Arts, Literature, Britain, present state of, 276

&c. Intelligence refpe&ing, Brodie Jof. his improvement

35, 117, 153, 194, 238, 318 by moveable keels, 113
Alhambra, account of, 207 Mr. Burke's observations on
American States, present state the present state of France, 33


Anderson James, Dr. Madras, Candidus, his observations on

account of his patriotic exer- the prevalence of error, 293
tions, - - 183 The Captive,

his letter to the St. Carteret, Lord, short character, 260

Helena Society, 195 | Catalogue of new publications,
Anecdote of Archibald Duke with the prices, 120, 280

of Argyle,. - 4 Cattle, Irish, number imported
-curious, one relating into Britain,

to Dr. Cullen, 49 Character of Becket by the Rev."
-of Dr. Cullen, I, 45, Mr. Berington, - 173
121, 161, i Character of Dr. Cullen, 164
of the Emperor Chas. Character, short, of Sir Robert
V. -- 115


of Mr. Sallo, 218

Lord Carteret, ib.
-of Whitfield, 181 Che or Chey plant, notices of, 155

-of Zink, - 192 Method of cultivating it, 157
Animals, cruelty to, reprimand Cheeses, Parmesan, method of

211 making it, • - 264
Argyle, Duke of, anecdote of, 4 Chemical nomenclature, the
Asts, Agriculture, &c. Intelli- | French observacions on, 94

gence respecting, 35, 110, Chronicle, Historical. Introduc.
153, 194, 238, 318,

tion to, 75, 116, 158, 198,276
Asia, account of the literary 369

state of, - 183 Cochineal, account of the at-
Authors by profession, history tempts to rear it in Asia, 193
: of, a

62 Collection of printed papers, a

I proposal for obtaining it, 126


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On Compulsory laws respecting of periodical performances, 176

16 Flax, machine for fpinning, 319.
Conjectures on Taxation by S. - Flowers of the Forest, not an

J. . . . . 2231 ancient poem, - *:67
Convention with Spain, obser- Flowers of the Fureft, observa."

vations on, - 150 tions on, . 184, 221,
On Conversation, - 99 France, queen of, observations
Corn laws, observations on, by on, by Mr. Burke, - 30
: the Editor, - 304 France, present state of, 158
Le Correspondent Politique & Franklin, his improvements in
• Anecdotique, .. 320 navigation,

Critical vbservations on the Fricndship, on, - 125
• Flowers of the forest,: .221
Critical remarks on the Othello Gales, or permanently elastic

of Shakespear, 56, 87, 176, fluids, on, . 37
Criticus sed non Criticus, on Nas- Georgium Sidus, queries on, 333

mith on industry, 244 Goveriment, reflections on, 246
On cruelty to animals, .' 211 |Grass, American, account of, 38
Cullen, Dr. William, hints and Gypsum, or Plaster of Paris as

anecdotes of, 1, 45, 121, 163! a manure, effec's of, 297, 298,
Cursory view of the present 299, 301, 342, 343

political state of Europe, vid.

Hamilton Duke, anecdote of, 5

Hasting's Turnip, account of, 274
Debtors, imprisonment of, ob- Helmftaadt Review, notice of, 320
(fervations on, 181, 329 Hints and Anecdotes of Doctor
Douglaffes, Family, character of, s William Cullen, i, 45, 121, 152
Dranratic unitics, queries con-

on taxes, . - 81
cerning, . : 141 Historical Chronicle. Introduce
Drawing, utility of, - 167] tion to, 75, 115, 158, 198, 276
A Drone-hunter,

335 | Historical notices of the Moors
T in Spain, ė

Eardapple, Adam, on personal. Holywood Parish, ftatistical ac-
41 count of,

315, 349
on cruelty to --Population of,


211 -Baptisms, marriages, bu-
Earth worms, observations on, 220 rials in,
East Indies,

Inhabitants, division of, 350
Character of

Error, on the prevalence of, by -Church,
Candidus, •
293 -Poor, state of,

Europe, present political state - Provisions, price of, 357
of, Russia 75, Sweden 77, -Labour, price of,

Germany 28, Prussia 79, Pos Expeners of a labourer's
land 116, Turkey 117, France


158, Spain 198, Great Bri Mode of cultivation,

tain, 776, Portugal Switzer --Produce,

lar d, Savoy, and Italy, ib. --Roads and bridges, 354

-Antiquities, .. 3.55
Farthe remarks on the utility Etyniology of names,



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ensete plant. '








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Pelhan, Mo. ffort character
Magnesa, regulus of, describ of

326 Petition and complaint of the
Man, as unconnected with fo- fubtenants in Scotland, 300

ciety, compared with other Piety, on the importance of the

127 principle of, - 133
Mangel Wursel, observations Plays, English, remarks on by

on, by M. M. , 261 Lord Gardenitoun, 151, 198,
Marine plants, on, 174 278.
Maflinger's play, "a new way Pleasures of Connubial Love,
to pay old debts," extract | obfervacions on,

from, - - . 352 Potatoes, new method of forca
Metallic reguli of carths, in- ing early, - 41

telligence respecting, 200 Pownal, Captain, late of the
Farther obfervations on do 324 Apollo, anecdote of, 179
Miscellaneous remarks on the Problem, Count Windisch-

Lapwing, .. . 224 gratz's, ..
Miscellaneous remarks on Proceedings in France respect-

- ib. ing the establishment of civil
Miscellaneous remarks on ilonlothing's miscellaneous criti-

- 79, 158
Rooks, . - ib. Polybius's miscellaneous criti-
Miscellaneous remarks on fpar-


rows, &c.

Miscellaneous remarks on the Queries, additional statistical, g
Bee by Criticus,

Moles, observationis on; and the Regulus of barytes;

mode of destroying them, 95 |

Moles, niscellaneous remarks

om Chalk,

2241 - Molybdena, ib.
Molybdena, regulus of, de- Review of Sacontala, an Indian

3271 drama, - III, 149
Moors in Spain and Africa, Rookes, miscellaneous remarks
particulars concerning, 3321 on,



Rose of Jericho,

Native country, folly of being Ruprecht and Tondi, Messrs.
i discontented with

account of their discoveries
Natural history of animals, ex of metallic earths, 324
tract from,

Newcastle, Duke of, short cha- Sacontala, an Indain drama, re.
racter of, . . -

186 view of, o 111, 149

Scoctish Songs, observations
Oats, some of the most useful Ion, . - 201

kinds particularised, 339 Seamen, comparison of, of dif. .
Observations on the church te ferent nations,

nants in Scotland, 281 Senex on the importance of pic
Obfervations on moles, and the lety,

- 133
most effectual mode of ex- Shot stars, on the nature of the
tirpating them, • 95 substance called,


Shrowds, new method of mend-
Punoptican penitentiary house, ing,
outline of the plan of, 77 :






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